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How many calories equal 1 lb of body fat?

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June 08, 2011 6:53PM

Its about 3500, it is actually a little less than that in fact

but for easy calculations on diet 3500 is used.

Or... since there are 9 Calories in a gram of fat, and 453.6

grams in a pound, it's probably closer to 4082 Calories in a

pound. (453.6 grams in a pound x 9 Calories in each of those

grams = 4082 Calories in 1 pound). There may be reasons why 3500 is

the commonly accepted answer, but it seems to me the rounded off

answer should be 4000, not 3500.

3500 is the common answer because it is in fact very close to

the real amount. The actual amount of Calories in a pound of human

body fat is around 3400. The reason why it is not around 4000 is

because human body fat retains much water. Not all of the actual

mass is pure fat.

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