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How many calories are in a ceasar salad?

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There are approximately 820 calories in a regular chicken Caesar salad from Applebees.

There are:approxy 260 calories (14 carbohydrates) in a Wendy's Caesar side saladapprox 510 calories (20 carbohydrates) in a Wendy's Chicken Caesar salad

It depends on the recipe. If your shrimp Caesar salad had 4 ounces of grilled shrimp, 1.5 tsp. of olive oil, 1 tbsp. of cheese, as well as the usual vegetables and lemon juice, then you ate 352 calories.

All in all, the number of Caesar salad calories may range from 200 calories to 600 calories. The chicken is the ingridient that adds the most Caesar salad calories. Without it the McDonald's Caesar Salad has only around 90 calories. But the number of chicken calories changes according to the chicken part of the cooking style. So adding grilled chicken adds 130 calories, but crispy chicken adds 240 calories. The single ingridient that might cost you those extra calories is the Caesar salad dressing. What happens when you open a 2 fl oz packet of creamy Caesar salad dressing? Well, take your Caesar salad calories total and add 190 calories! You almost double the number of the Caesar salad calories. Croutons might also add extra calories: 120 for 1 oz.

190 calories without dressing in one serving of McDonalds chicken caeser salad.

HOW MANY CALORIES ARE IN A CAESAR SALADSo, how many calories are in a Caesar salad? Well, the number of calories in Caesar salad depends on the total ingredients used and the quantities of each ingredient. Bear in mind that some variations of the original Caesar salad recipe used different ingredients. Moreover, some variations are made without dressing, which would lower the calorie count. So, a Caesar salad can range from 100 to 800 or more calories. The examples give below are approximate for an average homemade Caesar salad using the original salad recipe including the dressing and fried croutons. There are:155 calories for a small 3.5 oz or 100g Caesar salad179 calories for a 4 oz or 114g Caesar salad264 calories for a 6 oz or 170g Caesar salad358 calories for an 8 oz or 227g Caesar salad442 calories for a main course 10 oz or 284g serving of Caesar salad531 calories for a large 12 oz or 341g serving of Caesar salad709 calories for 1 pound, or 16 ounces, or 454g, of Caesar saladAnd here are the original ingredients of the Hotel Caesar's recipe:romaine or cos lettucefreshly prepared croutonswine vinegarfresh squeezed lemon juice or lime juiceWorcestershire sauceraw or coddled egg yolksfreshly grated Parmesan cheesefresh crushed garlicolive oilsalt to tastefresh ground black pepper to tasteAnd here are variations: these are a few of the most common ones:grilled poultry such as chicken, duck or goosemeatfishshellfishRomano cheeseanchoviesbaconother types of lettuceBe aware of the health risk associated with raw eggs. You may prefer your Caesar salad to be made with coddled egg yolks. A coddled egg is similar to a poached egg but it is cooked slowly in its shell and retains a soft yolk and a soft tender white. Coddled eggs are delicious. The only completely safe way to eat eggs is to either hold them when cooking at 140 degrees for three and a half minutes, which is the time it takes to pasteurize them, or to cook them to 160 degrees.For the free calorie charts, showing how many calories you should have in total per day for all foods, and the Calorie in Vegetables Chart, and the Calorie in Fruits Chart, see the page links given below. Use the charts as daily guides for weight loss, or weight maintenance once you have reached your target weight.HOW MANY CALORIES PER DAY (for weight loss or weight maintenance)THE CALORIES IN VEGETABLES CHARTTHE CALORIES IN FRUIT CHART25 people, + others elsewhere, found the 'how many calories are in a Caesar salad' answer page useful.*Video: Low calorie healthy Caesar salad

745 caloriesThe chicken Caesar salad at Chili's has 1010 calories.For more information about the calorie content of chicken salads, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

Could be 8, or 12, or 14 - depends on your meaning of "large"

It depends on the quantity of Caesar salad and the total ingredients used. For more information and example calorie counts for Caesar salad, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

There are about 330 calories in a caprese salad.

There are about 260 calories in a bacon salad.

There are about 294 calories in a panzanella salad.

Caesar's salad dressing78 Calories per tablespoonFat 8.48gCarbs 0.46gProtein 0.18g

That depends on the salad. A fruit salad would have more than just a vegetable salad. Also if you have meat that would have even more. If you had dressing, the salad would have quite a lot of calories. If you had just salad and carrots, calories would probably be no more than 100-200 Calories. Fruit Salad might have 100-200 more. Dressing would add 500-600 calories. Meat might add 300 or so calories.

The number of calories in 3 cups of Caesar salad depends on the total ingredients used and the quantities of each ingredient. Some variations of the original Caesar salad recipe use different ingredients. Moreover, some variations are made without dressing. A Caesar salad made without dressing would significantly lower the calorie count. See the Related Questions section, further down this page, for more information and examples..

There are 86 calories contained in chef salad

There are about 4 calories in a cup of watercress salad.

You can have as many ounces as you like in chicken salad. I would say the average is about 10 ounces.

There are about 186 calories in 1 cup of taco salad.

There are about 40 calories in 1 cup of seaweed salad.

Rocket salad contains over 9000 calories.

it all depends on how much ingredients you use to make the Caesar salad.

The number of calories in a small salad depend on the type of salad and the dressing used. One cup of a garden salad with vegetables and no dressing is 12 calories.

there's 52 calories in a subway garden salad

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