How many calories in a glazed donut with chocolate icing?


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Between 200 and 400 calories, on average, as it will vary based on the size, ingredients, and brand of the donut.

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The amounts will change greatly based on the kind of donut. (Chocolate, glazed, sprinkles, icing, filling, cream, ect. all add on extra calories than just a plain donut.) Still, the average donut has about 250 calories or so in it. 4 of those donuts would be about 1000 caloires, give or take.

It is a doughnut with chocolate icing and/or sprinkles.

There is about 200 calories in a cupcake that has icing on it and is a plain cupcake not a chocolate one. Hope this helps!

Well there are many kinds of sizes but the average chocolate icing donut contains about 16 grams of fat and 3 grams of that is saturated fat.

It depends on the type of dount and where it is from and the toppings / ingredients (glazed, creme filled, chocolate, sprinkles, icing, powdered sugar, ect.), but usually about 2 to 6 grams of fat per serving of a dount.

You make chocolate icing at home.

Doughnut because it has icing.

It depends a lot on factors of the cake, such as icing, layers, fillings, decorations (sprinkles, shaved chocolate, piping, ect.) and they type of cake (milk chocolate, baking chocolate, dark chocolate, ect.). Generally, a small slice of fairly simple and plain chocolate cake will be about 200 calories. A large slice can be about 400 calories. But a more complex cake can be up to 700 or 800 calories a slice.

in donut king donuts Adidas jam is used with nike icing in donut king donuts Adidas jam is used with nike icing

icing sugar, glace icing, buttercream, chocolate spread, melted chocolate

You can certainly add food coloring to white chocolate icing to make it purple, but dying regular (brown colored) chocolate icing a color would be very difficult.

25 calories per packet of icing for one studel

of course the icing then wont melt

well, you melt some chocolate until smooth and creamy then get some icing sugar add little amounts of hot water until nice and smooth no lumps and mix the chocolate and icing sugar together and WALLAH chocolate icing x

You cannot make real chocolate icing without using chocolate of some sort. You can, however, make chocolate icing with cocoa, which is the basis of all chocolate, along with butter and sugar. You can also make imitation chocolate icing by incorporating artificial "chocolate" flavor and brown coloring. Carob is another product that is sometimes substituted for chocolate. Some people think the taste is similar, and it does not cause problems for anyone allergic to cocoa and chocolate.

Glazed Donuts, Cake Donuts, Chocolate Iced Donuts, Vanilla Iced Donuts, Boston Creme, Bavarian Creme, Jelly Filled, icing filled. Just to name a few

a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and cover it in chocolate chips

i would say that a bare donut is the most healthiest because it does not have all of the commodities such as: icing, peanuts, m & m's, etc. So since it doesn't have all of that it is the healthiest donut!

Chocolate can be an adjective when it modifies a noun. For example, "I wanted chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles on top."

Yes it can but people mainly use white icing

make a blueberry donut, with blueberry icing and blueberries

The best chocolate cake icing recipes are always made from scratch. There are many websites to find good chocolate cake icing recipes, like: allrecipes site, tasty kitchen site, or the food network site.

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Some examples of chocolate supplies are supplies such as chocolate strawberries, chocolate cake, chocolate icing, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate milkshakes.

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