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How many calories you burn doing taebo 8 minute workout?

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March 03, 2008 8:30PM

If 30 minutes of Taebo = 400 cal then divide by 30=13.333...= 1 minute *8=106.666...I think because there is a warm up and a cool down it is probably about 75 -100 cal for 8 min. Other things that you can do between class or after work or school;

jog for 20 min = 164

Walk 2 mph for 15 min = 50cal (1/2 mile)

fishing 2 hours =428 cal (don't drink beer while fishing! 1 can has 146 cal x 3 = 438)

drink lots of water, keep motivated, do not starve! eat raw veggies, and fruit for snacks. Eat fruit salad for breakfast and lunch.

have a strawberry smoothie for a snack or dessert if you make it yourself it is better.

Strawberry banana smoothie

1, 6 inch banana has 90 cal freeze banana in 1 inch pieces)

5 strawberry has 20 cal

1/2 cup 1%milk 52 cal

1 Tbs Honey

Ice Cubes

blend milk add 1 Tablespoon honey, 6 1 inch pieces of banana one at a time and 1 frozen strawberry at a time add Ice if needed total cal =226 cal for 2 cups of thick Ice Cream. Counts as 2 fruit and 1 dairy:)

(1/2 cup Strawberry ice cream is 127 cal)