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How many carbohydrates should i eat on a 1200 calorie diet i am 21 and about 220 trying to lose about 50?


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September 13, 2011 1:27AM

i was at 220 and now I'm at 140 from low-carbing.

at first, try to eat hardly any carbs or sugars. you want to get into "ketosis", which is what happens when your body has no more sugar to run on. it releases ketones, which prompt your body to use up its fat reserves. you might feel a little dizzy sometimes if you stand up too quickly.

get some ketone testing strips at a drug store to make sure you're low carbing enough, not to mention it's really encouraging.

after losing a lot of weight, i gave myself a cheat day, once a week, to eat the carby foods i really missed.

i was following Atkins, which says to begin with induction for two weeks (hardly any carbs and only select foods), slowly increase, then when you reach your goal weight, you can eat about 80 carbs a day for maintenance.

don't forget the cardio.

good luck. it really works.


to be more specific, it was 10 CARBS OR LESS when i first started.