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In a Panera Bread bagel (plain), there are 290 calories, based on a 4 1/4 oz. serving.

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Q: How many carbs in a Panera Bread bagel?
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How many calories in a blueberry bagel with cream cheese?

a blueberry bagel from panera bread is about 350 calories, and 1 oz of cream cheese adds about 100 calories to that

How many Panera Bread stores are there in the world?

Panera bread stores and shops are being counted by #78.

How many carbohydrates are in one bagel?

One bagel has about 45g of carbs.

How many people does panera bread employ?

Around 42,700 employees are present in panera bread in the year of 2014.

How many carbs in a bagel?

roughly 40g to 50g for a 4" diameter bagel

How many loafs of bread in bagel?

None - a bagel is a small, bread roll-like food.

Does panera bread do takeouts?

yes, panera bread does do take outs. people order takeout for many different reasons

How many Panera Bread is in the US?


How many slices of bread does one bagel equal?

Calories-wise, one bagel has the calories of 2-3 slices of bread. Weight-for-weight, one bagel weighs the same as 3-4 slices of bread.

How many carbs are in a big sweet roll like a bagel?


How many carbs are in wheat bread?

One slice of wheat bread has about 12g of carbs.

How many slices of bread is a bagel?


How many carbs are in a slice of white bread?

One slice of white bread has about 14g of carbs.

How many carbs are in a slice of banana bread?

One slice of banana bread has about 30g of carbs.

How many carbs in a slice of white bread?

One slice of white bread has about 14g of carbs.

How many carbs in toast?

The amount of carbs in bread depend on the type of bread. White and Wheat bread have between 10-12 grams of carbs per slice while French bread has over 30 grams of carbs per slice.

How many carbohydrates in bread?

There are 12 1/2 carbs in white bread. There is an equal amount of carbs in wheat bread. Bread is almost pure carbohydrates.

How many carbs are in slice of bread?

Depends on the kind of bread.

How many carbohydrates in flat bread?

How many carbs In wheat flat bread

How many slices of bread equal one bagel?


How many carbs does a slice of bread have?

There are about 12 carbs in one slice of bread. The exact amount will depend upon the brand you are eating.

How many pieces of toast is equal to one bagel?

It depends on what type of bread you are referring to. If it's white bread, 2 slices of white bread (toasted or not) is about 130 calories. Depending on brand, it may be a few calories less, but 130 is a good number. One bagel is usually around 260-290 calories each. So to answer your question, it looks like about 4-5 slices of bread equals one bagel. Adding any kind of spreads to either bread or bagel increases the calories.

How many carbs are in bread?

Bread is a high carb food. One slice of regular bread has, on average, about 14g of carbs. Wheat bread has slightly less, 12g per slice. But it depends on the brand really. Some white breads can have 28g of carbs per slice!

How many carbs in one bread roll?


How many carbohydrates in french bread?

123456789 carbs