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It would not be possible to give an accurate answer to such a general query. A car dealer in Los Angeles would sell many more cars than one in New York City. Citing a specific locale would aid in finding out the information desired.

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Q: How many cars does the average dealer sell a year?
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How many cars can you sell in VA without a dealer license?

you can sell a max of 15 cars a private owner

How many cars can you sell without being a dealer?

u have to be ninety years old and sell 20 cars to be a magician

Where do they sell lamborghini's?

at the dealer or a privatte dealer that has exotic cars

Does Bank of America sell repossessed cars?

most major banks sell their repos thru dealer only auctions,i have repoed many cars for banks in 13 states ,most end up in dealer only auctions

How many cars can you sell per year in Pennsylvania?

I believe it is 5 without a dealer's license.

How many cars you can sell in Saskatchewan without dealer licence?


Can you sell cars from your home?

Yes, but you are limited to how many you can sell in a year without getting a dealer's license. Check your state's regualations.

How many cars can you sell per year in Alberta without a dealers license?

In Alberta you are able to sell up to 4 cars per year without the need of a license. If you wish to sell more cars, you need to obtain a dealer's license.

How many cars can you sell in Rhode Island?

You can sell 3 without needing a dealers license. If you sell that 4th car you are considered a dealer and need a license.

Do you have to have a dealer license to sell cars?

In almost every state you can sell at least 2 cars without a dealers license. In some state it can be as many as 5 cars. Check with your state's Secretary Of State for the requirements in your state.

How many cars can you sell in Massachusetts without a dealers license?

Under the Massachusetts law, a dealer is anyone who sells four or more vehicles in a 12 month period.... So if your NOT a Dealer and you sell 4 or more cars it's considered a MISDEMEANOR... SORRY....

How many cars do you have to sell in one year to be required to have a dealer's license?

Depends on the state you live in which you fail to list.

How many years do you need to stay at college for car dealer?

You don't need a college degree to sell cars.

How many cars does Ford sell in US per year?

on average about 650,000

How many cars do the average car dealership sell?

The average is about 800 NEW cars a year, roughly 2.2 a day. So on a good day 3 new cars. Very BIG Dealers sell up to a maximum of 1200/year, or 3.2/day. And they sell about 600 used cars a year.

How many cars on average do car salesman sell?

Nationallly, the average is 8 sales per month.

How many used cars can you sell before you need a dealer's license in Maryland?

The state of Maryland allows an individual to sell used cars without obtaining a dealerâ??s license. In Maryland, you can sell up to five used cars without a dealerâ??s license.

Why do car manufacturers offer dealer incentives?

So they will sell more cars. Dealer incentives let the dealer sell a car at a lower price than the competition.

How many cars can you sell?

Buy: You can BUY as many cars as you have in your budget. Sell: You can SELL as many cars as you wish.(Amount may vary.)

Can you sell cars at a flea market?

You could sell a car or two as a private seller... typically, once you sell seven cars, you're required by law to be a licensed car dealer.

In Washington state how many cars you can sell in a year without needing a car dealer license?

4 Is The Limit, The Fifth is a dealer transaction. And There May be fines to go along.

How many cars can you sell in Queensland in a year without a license?

In Queensland you are allowed to sell up to 5 cars in a calendar year without having a dealer's license. Violating this limit can mean that you are served with large fines.

Do you have to have a dealership to have a dealers license?

I want to sell cars. Do I need a dealer license to sell to the public on a low scale.

How many cars can you own in VA without a dealer license?

You can own as many as you want. However you can sell 4 before you need a dealers license. Sell that 5th car and you need a license.

Where does new cars that does not sell go?

If a car doesn't sell within a couple of months, dealers send them to auctions the sell the car at low price just to get rid of it so the dealer can sell more new cars.