How many cases are needed for analysis of variance?


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There only needs to be one data point to calculate variance.

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In regression analysis , heteroscedasticity means a situation in which the variance of the dependent variable varies across the data. Heteroscedasticity complicates analysis because many methods in regression analysis are based on an assumption of equal variance.

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Inferential statistics is the practice of sampling large sets of data (usually at random) to gain information about the population as a whole. Sampling is used because measuring everything in the population can consume too many resources (time, money, etc.) I suggest looking at these topics for an intro into inferential statistics: 1) Sampling (random, stratified, etc) 2) Mean, variance/standard deviation, median, and mode 3) Data distributions 4) Confidence intervals 5) T-tests 6) Analysis of variance 7) Trend analysis (regression) 8) Association analysis ... and many more!

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