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This depends on which invasion of the Philippines is being questioned here, the one in 1941 or in 1945.

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Q: How many casualties were there in the invasion of the Philippines?
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How many casualties did Canada have after the invasion of Normandy?


How many Allied casualties in Normandy invasion?


How many casualties were in the Normandy invasion?

I think I there was around 425,000 casualties on the Allies and Axis sides combined.

How many allied casualties were there as a result of the invasion on Normandy?


How many US casualties were there during the Bay of Pigs invasion?


How many army casualties did Germany have due to their invasion of Norway in 1940?

The German invasion of Norway in 1940 cost the invaders close to 5,300 casualties. This was more than the British, French and Norwegian forces who suffered just under 5,000 casualties.

How many people would an invasion of japan cost in ww2?

1 million American casualties 5 million Japanese casualties

Why did so many people die in d-day?

It was an invasion, which means a battle, which means that there were casualties

How many casualties were there in the German invasion of France in 1940?

The May 1940 invasion of France by Germany resulted in 290,000 French casualties and 138,000 German casualties. The German campaign lasted a little over one month. What is surprising about these figures was that normally the defensive army has fewer casualties then the offensive force.Yet, France suffered more wounded and killed soldiers then Germany by a wide margin.

How many people died when Germany invaded Poland?

In the invasion of Poland German casualties were about 17,000 troops killed.Polish casualties (military and civilian) were about 66,000 killed.

What was an argument used in favor of dropping atomic bombs on japan?

it would prevent high casualties that would be caused by an invasion of mainland japan

Why is a lake in Sadr City red?

It represents the casualties of invasion.

What did the dropping of the atomic bomb prevent?

It prevented a conventional invasion of Japan itself and the casualties that would have accompanied that invasion.

How many people died in the D-Day landings?

Approximately 14000 to 19000 casualties occurred on the first day of invasion in Normandy.

What was the estimated number of Allied casualties from a land invasion of Japan?

1,000,000 men

What was the japan's invasion of other countries?


What were Germany's casualties during the invasion of Normandy?

The total German casualties on D-Day are not known, but are estimated as being between 4,000 and 9,000 men.

Why was D-day invasion successful for the allies?

The Allies had so many soldiers we were willing to spare. They knew they would suffer many casualties, but they had so many men, it didn't matter.

When did the Japanese invasion of the Philippines was in?


What was the main conflict in world war 2?

Well, the campaign with the most casualties was Operation Barbarossa, which was the German invasion of Russia. The battle with the most casualties was the Battle of Moscow

What did the Philippine heroes do to save Philippines?

The Filipino Heroes risked their lives just to save the Philippines from invasion.

How many casualties in the Battle of Liege?

how many casualties were there in the battle of liege?

Why did the marines invade peleliu?

To support the invasion of Southern Philippines

How many casualties are there from the Iraq war?

There are about 1.8 million Iraq casualties, and 4,000 American casualties.

How many civilians died in the American invasion of Afghanistan after 911?

Estimates range from several thousand to tens of thousands. According to the Wikipedia entry, Civilian casualties of the War in Afghanistan (2001-present), direct and indirect civilian casualties are between roughly 9,000 and 27,000.

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