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Ancient musical instrument similar to the buccina

What did Aristotle recognized that modes could be used for different reasons

What were the Greek Muses known for

What did archaeologists discover in China and consider them to be the oldest playable musical instruments

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Q: How many categories of instruments are there?
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How many categories of instruments are in the orchestra?

They are four(4) categories of instruments in the orchestra.

What are the major categories of musical instruments?

There are generally six major categories of musical instruments. They are grouped in these categories, stringed instruments, wind, percussion, brass, keyboard and guitar instruments.

When was the first roman instrument created?

Please be more specific about what instrument you mean. There are many categories of "instruments" such as musical instruments, medical instruments, surveying instruments, etc. etc.

What are the 4 basic categories of Indian instrument?

There are 4 basic categories of Indian instruments. The four classifications of the musical instruments in India are wind instruments, idiophones, membranophones and string instruments.

What are the categories of surgical and medical instruments?

Some of the largest general categories of equipment are hand instruments, monitoring equipment, intravenous apparatus, syringes, and catheters.

The two categories of percussion instruments are?

drums & strings

Native musical Instruments in the philippines?

The Philippines has many native musical instruments. They fall into the categories of aerophones, chordophones, lutes, tuned gongs, xylophones, metllophones, membranophones, and idiophones.

What are the two categories of percussion instruments?

Rhythmic and melodic !Membranophones and Idiophones.

What is the names of the two categories of orchestral string instruments?

Bowed and plucked

What are the four categories of instruments in an orchestra?

Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion.

What is the four categories of musical instruments?

Woodwind, Percussion, Brass and Strings Jojo

What are the 2 categories of percussion instruments?

The main two categories of percussion instruments are tuned and untuned percussion.Tuned percussion: Timpani, glockenspiel, xylophone, marimbaUntuned percussion: Drums, Cymbals, Woodblock, maracas, bongos, triangle, tambourine.

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