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According to the internet sources, "About 1.6 million cats die a day from abuse

that's 584,000,000 which is 584 million a year"

This number is given without attribution, and with spelling errors. It also fails to separate the proportion of cats that die from deliciousness, which I suggest may be a large portion of that number, particularly if those deaths are generated from Korean data.

In summary, I could find no credible primary sources to answer your question.

Way too many to count, unfortunately.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 01:28:48
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Q: How many cats die a year from abuse?
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How many cats die from cat abuse?

Millions of cats each year die of of because of cruel people.

How many exotic cats die a year from abuse?

Dogs FTW

How many cats die in a year?

Almost 2,000,000 die a year from abuse, sickness, and food poisoning.

How many cats die each year because of cat abuse?

Too many.

How many dogs and cats die every year from animal abuse?

in a year about 100 but i think a little less or more

How many dogs die a year of abuse?

Approximately 120 thousand dogs die of human neglect each year. nad 40000 cats

How many animals die from abuse?

600 animals die from abuse each year.

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50,000 horses die each year because of abuse and abandoning by the owners.

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How many cats die per year?

It is not possible to determine a clear number of cats that die per year. There are thousands of cats who may die in shelters each year but there is not a record of how many cats die as pets or strays. One estimate states that approximately 144,000 cats die each day in the world. That would be a total of 52,560,000 cats each year.

About how many people a year die from drug abuse?

Over half a million people die a year from drug abuse and that is just in our country.

How many kittens die a year from abuse?

It is estimated that millions of kittens die every year from abuse. There is not a specific number for the actual amount.

How many people a year die from herion use?

Many, many people die each year from drug abuse.

How many animals die each year through animal abuse?

around 4 thousand animals die each year from abuse, but that 4 thousand too many.

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Four Children die every day from Neglect or Child Abuse and 1500 die every year.

How many animals suffer from abuse?

Billions are abused every year, and about the same die from abuse.

How many animals die each year due to abuse?

Over three million animals die each year do to abuse, testing, and from being abandoned.

How many dogs die a year because of dog abuse?

F.y.i over 3 million dogs die each year because of dog abuse.

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How many children die from child abuse each year?

Way to many

What is the main animal abused?

Mainly dogs, but a lot of cats, too. they're about the same. dogs are about 700,000,000 a year and cats are about 600,000,000. its sad. those are just the ones that die. I'm not sure how many survive abuse. :(

How many reports of child abuse are in a year?

== == 4-5 kids die everyday from child abuse.