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Don't think you can give a hard-and-fast rule about it. Depends on the rest of the face and how it looks in context.

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Where would 32 centimeters be on a meter stick that is not marked?

Roughly one third of the length of the stick. The whole stick is 100 centimeters long. 1/3rd of it is (33 and 1/3) centimeters.

How many centimeters would be shown on the meter stick?


Can you stick figers up a fanny?

Who the heck would want to answer a question like that? Although you can stick your fingers up someones butt.

Is a popsicle stick 1 meter wide?

A meter is roughly equivalent to 39 inches. The closest gauge we have to them in the USA would be a yard stick at just under a meter. Look on a tape measure that has centimeters (centi being 1/100th) and you will get the general idea. A popsicle stick as I remember them for size are roughly a quarter of an inch wide, which would be about .6 centimeters.

What quantity does a meter stick measure?

A meter stick would measure an object in either centimeters or millimeters. One meter is equal to 100 cm or 1000mm.

How many cm go into two metricsticks?

A meter stick has 100 centimeters in it. Two meter sticks would have twice that. 2x100=200 centimeters in two meter sticks.

What does a biography need?

A biography needs information about someones life or event the went through, BUT it can't be about you. If it is about you it would be considered an autobiography

Would you measure yourself in meters or centimeters?

Centimeters. Because if you have ever seen a meter stick it is about the length of your fingertip to your other shoulder, So centimeter would be more precise while you might be 1.537 (False number) and you might be 157 centimeters (real number). Hope this helped!

Would a pogo stick be considered a vehicle?


Will you get banned in xbox live if you use someones redeem code?

If they didn't say you could have it. That would not only be considered a violation of the Terms of Use but also it is considered theft and against the law.

Would a 57 ice hockey stick fit a 163cm inches.?

57 what? Inches? Yards? Centimeters? Milimeters? For all of them, the answer is no.

If someone hacked someones account what would the fine be?

are you stoopid? how can you get a fine for hacking someones facebook.

In converting centimeters to inches what unit would you place the numerator of your ratio?

You would place "centimeters" in numerator and "centimeters per inch" in the denominator. (centimeters)/(centimeters/inch) = [(centimeters) x (inch)] / [centimeters] which yields "inch(es)"

How do you write on someones wall from Facebook mobile?

to write on someones facebook wall using your mobile you would do it like you would if you were on the computer/laptop

How much is 100 centimeters worth?

100 centimeters would be considered 1 meter. also it can be said as 1/10 of a Kilometer. 100 cm = 1 m = 1/10 km

What does Hoye Hoye mean?

If you are trying to catch someones attention you would use hoye! meaning hey! If you are trying to catch someones attention you would use hoye! meaning hey! If you are trying to catch someones attention you would use hoye! meaning hey! If you are trying to catch someones attention you would use hoye! meaning hey!

Is Intelligence a Characteristic for a trait?

Trait i believe. Since its more of a hereditary thing it would not be considered a characteristic which are aspects of someones character, formed by their life experiences.

Would the area of a rectangle be given in centimeters or square centimeters?

square centimeters

Would 4 decimeters be the best estimate for the length of a truck?

No. Four decimeters is 40 centimeters, which is less than half a yard stick. Four meters would be a better answer. That is about 13 feet.

Would you measure a goldfish in meters or centimeters?


What can happen if someones lungs are damaged?

If someones lungs are damaged, their Respiratory systemwill stop working.they would die :)

How many centimeters is 853 decimeters?

There are 10 centimeters in a decimeters. To solve for the answer to how many centimeters there are in 853 decimeters, you would multiply 853 by 10 and the answer would be 8530 centimeters.

What would the length of your hand be in centimeters?

It would be in centimeters because your hand is smaller than a ruler so that means it can be measured in centimeters

Why would you use meter instead of centimeters?

If something is more than 100cm, it's easier to stick to the larger unit so that it seems smaller and more manageable.

What unit of measuring would you use to measure a pencil?

You would measure it in centimeters.