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Q: How many cerebral aneurysm clipping surgeries were conducted in South Africa in 2011?
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What is the CPT code for craniotomy clipping of right posterior communicating artery aneurysm?

No CPT code was found for "craniotomy clipping of right posterior communicating artery aneurysm."

What is the importance of isolating the internal carotid artery prior to aneurysm clipping?

to reduce the risk of hemorrhage in case of aneurysm rupture.

What causes memory and behavior problems after an aneurysm clipping?

Lack of blood supply would probably be the first thing to cause these issues after the treatment for an aneurysm.

What are the risks of having brain aneurysm surgery?

Brain Aneurysm surgery has several risks that should be acknowledged by each patient before surgery. The risks are severe bleeding, second rupture of the aneurysm and development of vasospasm after surgery, because the clipping of the aneurysm was not possible during surgery.

How long do headaches persist after aneurysm clipping?

A long time!! I had one in 2001 and still have headaches. I have medication though that helps alot.

What are treatment options for a carotid artery aneurysm?

The treatment options for a carotid aneurysm are usually Clipping or coiling Clipping is an open procedure, usually performed by a neurosurgeon. An inscision is made and a small clip is placed over the aneurysm. The purpose of this is to prevent blood flow into the aneurysm and possible rupture. Coiling is a minimally invasive procedure. A thin tube is placed into the femoral artery, located in the groin and manouvered into the carotid artery. This is done under fluroscopy (x ray) imaging normally. Small metal colis are passed through ths tube, providing haemostasis within the aneurysm. Both procedures have similar success rates, however, coiling is becoming increasingly popular as the recovery period is usually quicker.

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What is involved in recovery after brain aneurysm surgery when a clipping procedure was performed?

The outcome of brain aneurysm recovery is different among each survivor as each brain is wired differently. This makes it difficult to document any sort of general recovery method. The most common source for recovery is plenty of sleep.

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How big does an aneurysm get before it will burst?

Regardless of aneurysm size, it may or may not rupture. It will rupture any time it wants to, whether it's large or small. I speak from experience. Eleven years ago, I had 2 ruptured aneurysm and was very lucky to have survived it with clipping procedures. 6 months ago, I was diagnosed with a new small .05 mm unruptured aneurysm on the opposite side of the last one. Coiling was not possible cuz of the wide neck of the aneurysm so the clipping was done. BTW, regardless of the blood pressure level, the aneurysm can also rupture. Just like I said, "any time it wants to". However, the lesser chance of it rupturing if your blood pressure level is controlled. Continuous elevated blood pressure levels will provoke it to rupture. The best way you can do is control your blood pressure levels, stop smoking if you're a smoker, quit alcohol intake, live a healthy lifestyle, maintain a healthy diet, get regular doctor check-ups.

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