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According to the 2000 Census, the average US family sizewas 3.14 people.

The average number of children per all families was only .90 child.

The average number of children in families with childrenwas 1.86 children.

So families with children tended toward 2 children, but not significantly if you allow for the number of families with MORE than 2. The number of families with 1 is likely close to the number of families with 2. More than half (52%) of ALL families had no minor children at all.

With changing Demographics, this number could be larger in the 2010 Census. Larger families would weight both averages upward.


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The average family has 2 children, but in the family there is a average of 4 people.

In 2012, the average Russian family had 1.5 children.

An african american family can have as many children as they would like.

the averige family in cuba has 2 children like the US

That answer differs from country to country. The average Catholic family in the USA is not statistically much larger than the American national average. This trend highlights the fact that many American Catholics are ignoring the Pope's edicts on birth control and many more are now practicing the church-sanction family planning practices which includes ovulation monitoring (avoiding sex during ovulation periods). In many other nations, the average family size for Catholics can run between 4 and 7 children.

The Muslims family permits polygamy and as such one man can marry as many wives as he can. So on an average the number of children is 4 per family. But marriage and number of children are individual choices.

The average Australian family has 1.65 children. This does not mean that they have .65 of a child, just that slightly more people have 2 children than 1 child.

Jewish families very so greatly, that the average (2.3 children) is a meaningless number.

Sourcing: It states that the average number of children in a Japanese family is 3.

the average American and about every body in my family

The exact figure is a decimal. Between two and three cars is the American average.

It really depends. Some average information says that there are 1,6 children in an average German family. So, as you can see usually between one and two children, but some people have no children, some have 10. Depending on the family.

The number of children in the average American family has dropped from 2.5 to 1.3. On average there are more boys in an American family than girls. In 2002 about 95,000 more boys were born than girls. The mother's age may influence this phenomenon: older mothers about 40 have fewer boys than girls. Teen mothers experience the opposite. Chinese mothers have the highest ratio of boys to girls.

As the life span of mankind is decreasing, the average Western family is about 3-4 children and a husband and wife. Hope this helps :)

Typically a family in America will have 1.5 children which in laymans terms is 2 children minus the dog and cat In the UK the average number of children used to be 2.4 children per family during the 1950s, however this has now reduced with falling birth rates to 1.8 children per family. This does not mean that every family has 1.8 children as you can't have 4/5 of a child, it effectively means that there are on average 9 children for every 5 families.

I think around 5 or 4 not sure tho

It depends on the family but usually around 3; but most families live with their extended families.

The average American consumed about 24 pounds of candy in 2002. The majority of that was consumed by children around Halloween.

I have never seen a Muslim family of 1 in my life so it shouldn't be a low average, maybe between 3-6

As of 2012, surveys indicated that the average American household owns 1.83 dogs. No one owns part of a dog, of course, this is just the average.

There are many different kinds of groceries, but the average family buys:MeatsVeggies & FruitsDairySNACKS!!But if this family is strict they may limit the snacks and choose organic food.the average American family buy pretty much the same things as the average family anywhere, we buy food that we need and enjoy. But there are different food in different countries.

Mexico fertility rate is of 2.07 (2011) meaning most women have either two or three children.

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