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That's a question that cannot be answered accurately... NOBODY knows an exact figure, all you will get are guesses. The figure estimated at the Jewish Virtual Library is 1.5 million, which may be conservative.

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Q: How many children did the Nazis kill?
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How many children were put to death by the Nazis?

1.5 million children were killed by Nazis.

How many children got kidnapped by the Nazis?

An estimated 50,000 children were kidnapped by the Nazis in Poland.

How many gypsies did the Nazis kill?

About 250 000.

How many People did the Nazis kill in the Concentration Camps?

6 million people were killed by the Nazis

How did Adolf Hitter get the Nazis to work for him?

He got them to work for him by getting the Nazis to kill and the Nazis must like to kill.

How many Jews did the Nazis and their allies kill?

6 million

Why did the Nazis kill the children?

They killed children because they believed that killing children would prevent them from becoming mature. That way, less and less Jews will be alive.

Why did Nazis not kill christians in Holocaust?

The Nazis were Christians. Why would they kill their own kind?

Why were children targeted by Nazis?

All the children that were Jewish were targeted by the Nazis

Did the Nazis kill all of their prisoners?

No, the Nazis killed many people, but there were also many prisoners who survived to the end of World War II.

Did the Nazis kill?

Yes. The Nazis killed millions.

Why did Nazis kill kids?

The Nazis wanted to exterminate (kill, destroy, completely eradicate) the Jews as a people. Eichmann and others involved in the planning made a point of stressing that the SS had to kill all Jews. He said there was no point in killing adult Jews if the children stayed alive, became adults and in due course produced children.

Were there children Nazis?

yes, school children had to suffer Nazi propaganda in many forms.

How many Jews did the Nazis kill in the Holocaust?

Over six million.

Why did Hitler kill the Nazis?

Hitler didn't kill the Nazis. He was the leader of the Nazi political party.

When was The Children Who Cheated the Nazis created?

The Children Who Cheated the Nazis was created in 2000.

How did the Nazis kill children?

same way that they killed other people, by shooting, gassing, beating to death etc.

Why did the Nazis kill Jewish babies and children?

because they weren't German and never would be ___ In the Holocaust the Nazis tried to exterminate all Jews and did not want a new generation of Jews.

How many Jews did Hitler and the Nazis estimate to kill?

6 million jews

Why did the Christians allow the Nazis to kill the Jews?

Because the Nazis were Christians.

How did the Nazis kill people?

If you mean in the Holocaust then the Nazis burned, shot, starved and gassed the Jews homosexuals and many groups that Hitler feared.

Why did they have to kill so many people in the holocaust?

The Nazis chose to kill innocent, unarmed civilians for ideological reasons; they did not have to do so.

How many Jewish women were killed in the Holocaust?

The Nazis tried to kill all Jewish men, women and children in the Holocaust. It was genocide. One can assume the proportion of women killed was about 50%.

What would happen if Nazis found hidding Jews?

the Nazis would kill them

Why did Nazis not kill people in the open air?

The Nazis killed people everywhere.