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Actually, they are properly called the van Daans. They have 1 child named Peter.

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Who lived with anne frank?

*Herman Van Pels *Auguste Van Pels *Peter Van Pels *Fritz Pfeffer

Who were the 8 people who lived in the hideout with Anne frank?

Mrs Auguste Van Pels, Mr Hermann Van Pels, Margot Frank, Peter Van Pels, Fritz Pfeffer, Mrs Edith Frank, Mr Otto Frank. They arrived in this order: The Franks, then the Van Pels, then Mr Pfeffer. Margot, Peter and Anne were the children. Margot was Anne's sister.

Who went into hiding with Anne frank?

the van pels family which included auguste van pels (the mother), hermann van pels (the father), and peter van pels (the son). There was also a family friend in hiding with them named Alfred Dussel.

Who shares secret annex with franks?

The Franks lived with the van Pels family, including Peter van Pels, Augustine van Pels, and Hermann van Pels. They also lived with Fritz Pfeffer, a dentist, and Peter's cat, Mouschi.

Who is peter van pels'es dad?

Peter Van Pels was a boy who lived in "the secret annex" with Anne Frank and her family. Van Pels' father was Hermann Van Pels. He worked with Anne's father, so that was why the Franks' brought the Van Pels with them into their hiding place.

How did Mr. and Mrs. van Pels feel about living in the secret annex?

Mr. van Pels accepted it fairly good-naturedly, while Mrs. van Pels was a bit of a prima Donna and complainer about many aspects of it.

What nicknames did Herman van Pels go by?

Herman van Pels went by Putti, and Hans van Daan.

When did Mrs Van Pels die?

Mrs van pels died in 1945 at a consentration camp

How old was Mr van Pels when he died?

Herman van Pels was 46 when he died in Auschwitz.

Who is peters mother in the diary on anne frank?

Auguste van Pels (Mrs. van Pels).

What was the Van Daans' real name?

Mr. van Dann: Hermann van Pels and Mrs. van Daan: Auguste van Pels

What is the birth name of Peter van Pels?

Peter van Pels's birth name is Peter Aron van Pels.

Who was in hiding with Anne Frank?

Margot Frank, Edith Frank-Hollander, Otto Frank, Hermann van Pels, Auguste van Pels, Peter van Pels, and Fritz Pfeffer.

Who else hid there with the frank family?

It was Otto, Edith, Margo, and Anne Frank, but Fritz Pfeffer, Mr. Van Pels, Mrs. Van Pels, and Peter Van Pels did also.

Who is peter van pels?

peter van pels hid with anne frank and was supposedly annes bf.

Is it Peter van daan of Peter van pels?

It is Peter Van Pels, Anne was hiding his true identity in her diary "Kitty"

Who was in the house with Anne Frank?

Fritz Pfeffer Patter van Pels Mr. van Pels Mrs. van Pels Edith Frank Otto Frank Anne Frank Margot Frank

Who were the people living with Anne Frank in the annex?

Mr. Van Pels, Mrs. Van Pels, Peter Van Pels, Margot Frank, Edith Frank, Otto Frank and a dentist friend.

What was Anne Franks relationship with Mrs.Van Pels?

While much of the time they got along fine, Anne had a somewhat adversarial relationship with Mrs. van Pels. Mrs. van Pels thought Anne was "not well brought up" and cheeky, and Anne thought Mrs. van Pels was self-centered and childish in many ways.

Who shares the secret annex with the franks?

Peter van PelsHermann and Auguste van PelsFritz Pfeffer

How did Peter van Pels died?

Peter van Pels died of exhaustion after a death march from Auschwitz to Mauthausen.

When did Auguste Van Pels and Herman Van Pels marry?

i think it was in the year 1924, but i am not sure it was actuly 1922

When did the Van Pels join the franks in hiding?

The Van Pels joined the Franks in hiding on July 13, 1942

Where was Hermann Van Pels born?

Hermann van Pels was born on March 31, 1898, in Gehrde, Germany.

What nicknames did Auguste van Pels go by?

Auguste van Pels went by Petronella van Daan, Kerli, Gusti, and Mrs. Beaverbrook.

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