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Different ferns have different numbers. Here are some examples:

Grape fern -- 90

Rattlesnake fern -- 184

Adder's-tongue fern -- 1260

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30 because the spore is already haploid, and the spermatozoids and egg meet up to make a 60 zygote

The Adder's tongue fern probably has the most chromosomes of any organism on Earth. It has 1260 chromosomes.

ferns have the highest number of chromosome than any other with over 200

The Adders-tongue fern - around 1200 chromosomes.Carp are the animals with the greatest number of chromosomes - 104.

A fern with 1200-1260 chromosomes

ferns tend to have the largest number of chromosomes. for example the Ophioglossum also known as a adder's-tongue fern has 1260 chromosomes.

The Adders-Tongue fern has a 2n number of 1200 t0 1260 chromosomes which makes it the highest number of chromosomes ever counted in a organism.

the rattle snake fern has 138 chromosomes

There is no relationship between the number of chromosomes in an organism and its complexity. Humans are considered to be the most complex species with a total of 46 chromosomes. However, a horse has 64 chromosomes and a fern 1,262. A horse is far larger than a human and a fern much smaller than a human. The number of chromosomes within an organism doesn't represent its complexity over another organism.

No, for the reason that a fern contains more chromosomes than a human, but a human is much more complex.

No, there are some relatively simple organisms that have many more chromosomes than humans. The highest known diploid number is over 1260, the Adders Tongue fern. Carp 2N-104.

First you pick a fern. Then you have your answer

The fern plant Ophioglossum reticulatum (netted adder's-tongue) has 630 or 631 pairs of chromosomes. Ophioglossum plants have more chromosomes than any other known living organism.

No there isn't. Humans are much more complex than a fern, yet the Adder's Tongue Fern has 1262 chromosomes and a human has only 46. It also doesn't work the other way either (more complex organisms having less chromosomes) for fruit flies have 8 chromosomes and dogs have 78. Also, chimpanzees have the same number of chromosomes as potatoes and, surely, they are on different complexity levels.

The Fern Tattoo has 374 pages.

Relatively simple organisms with more chromosomes might have smaller chromosomes containing less DNA. Also, some of the DNA in an organism's chromosomes may not carry information that is actually used by the organism.

how many chromosomes are in the stomach?

The structure of a fern is very complex. It consists of many roots.

If a sex cell has 12 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will there be after fertilization?

No, all species have a different amount of chromosomes ^This is incorrect. There are at least 5 million species on Earth, yet the species with the most chromosomes is a fern with 1200, so it follows that there must be different species with the same number of chromosomes. For example: Raccoons, tigers, pigs and lions all have 38 chromosomes.

One pair of chromosomes is two chromosomes.

apples can have as many as 85 chromosomes

algae, can have as many as 140 chromosomes

Fern plants have many fine fibrous roots.

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