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Around 22 cities were bombed during ww2.

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What bombed cities were bombed in world war 2?

Many cities all over Europe were bombed. Germany bombed many cities when they executed their blitzkrieg. They bombed pretty much every country they conquered and Great Britain and the Soviet Union. Japan bombed and attacked Pearl Harbor and we dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many cities in Germany that were heavily bombed by Allied bombers: Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Dresden, Frankfurt and Vienna(Austria). London, Liverpool, gloucester, Bristol, coventry, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Newcastle were cities bombed in Britain

What city was bombed?

Many, many cities were bombed. Hiroshima

Which major German Cities were bombed during World War 2?

All the bigger German cities (population about 80,000 plus) were severely bombed. Many smaller places were also bombed.

What is the name of the city that the Americans bombed during world war 2?

You will have to be more specific. All of the combatants in World War II bombed many cities.

What cities were badly bombed in the blitz in World War 2?

Many British industrial cities were heavily bombed in the blitz. London, Birmingham, Manchester, Coventry, Liverpool, Plymouth, Bristol, Glasgow, and many others.

How many times was London bombed in the battle of Britain?

London was bombed almost every night during the Battle of Britain.

What 2 cities were destroyed in World War 2?

There were many cities that were destroyed. If you mean the two Japanese cities that were bombed by the U.S., then it would be Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

How many cities are there in Britain?

There are 61 cities in Britain

What were the effects of World War 2 on Britain?

Britain were bombed many times and put into debt by other countries. It is unimaginable (unless you were there) how much fear normal people were in. They couldn't bear the fact that they could be bombed at anytime.

Reason for lack of housing in Europe after 1945?

many cities were bombed and partially destroyed during the 2nd world war.

How many homes did they have left after the world war 2 in Europe?

No one ever counted considering in Germany many of the cities had all their homes bombed and in the other countries The Nazis bombed out many cities. Warsaw was leveled. Parts of other cities and London were severely damaged. It has to be a figure in the hundreds of thousands or at least a million considering how many families were killed.

What two cities were badly bombed during ww2?

There were many cities badly bombed during World War II, on all sides.London, Coventry, and so on, in England.Moscow, Stalingrad, and so on, in Russia.Berlin, Hamburg, and so on, in Germany.

How many cities in Great Britain?

In England there is 51 cities

Why was London bombed during the war?

London was bombed along with many other cities because it was a link to other countries through trade

Was Edinburgh bombed in world war 2?

Yes, it was bombed by the Germans in many occasions.

How many houses were bombed in world war 2?

in England there were 40,000 houses bombed!

Were did Japan bombed in World War 2?

they bombed hawaii, the phillipenes, and many others.

Why were children moved out of the cities during World War 2?

Children were moved out of cities and out in to the country side because the cities had lots of people in them and were being bombed. the country side was safe because there were not that many people. I hope this is helpful.

How many important buildings were bombed?

Many thousands. The majority of major buildings in German cities were destroyed.

What to cities did the US bomb in Japan?

I think we bombed many cities in Japan during WWII but the two cities we dropped nuclear bombs on were Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Which Australian city was bombed by Japanese during World War 2?

The only Australian City bombed in WW2 was Darwin.? Incorrect; There were 97 air attacks by the Japanese on Australian Military/towns/Cities throughout World War Two. Darwin was actually bombed on 64 occasions during the war. The other Australian Cities/Towns attacked during the 'Battle For Australia' during World War Two were: Wyndham, Port Hedland, Derby, Katherine, Townsville and Mossman amongst many others.

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