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How many college credit hours does it take to get a master's degree?

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30 Hours for a Masters in Education


Typically, a Masters degree can run anywhere from 30 to 36 credit hours. However, some will run much more depending on the field of study. For example, my Masters degree is in Organizational Management, and it was 40 credit hours. Some Masters in Business Administration run 46 credit hours. A Masters for a school psychologist can run up to over 65 credit hours. Thus, all I can say is that it depends on the field of study.


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How many college hours for a masters degree?

72 or 78 credit hours depends on college and university

How many credit hours for a masters degree in journalism?

It depends on the specific college or university. Typically, a masters in this field of study can range between 33 and 42 credit hours.

How many college hours are involved in a masters degree in wildlife biology?

You would expect an undergraduate degree to require 120 credit hours or more , and a masters, possibly 30 credit hours or more. But a research oriented masters that called for trapping or observing wildlife can be very unpredictable - and need many more hours to complete - and the same applies to a PhD.

How many credit hours to complete a Masters degree?


How many credit hours for a masters degree in early childhood education?

Typically, a masters in this field will run between 33 to 36 credit hours.

How many credit hours for a masters degree in business?

The number of credits hours needed to complete a masters degree in business will be particular to the specialty, degree type and college or university curriculum lay-out. That being said, typically the masters within the business arena can be approximately 33 to 46 credits.

How many hours to get a masters degree in high school education?

A masters in education runs approximately 33 to 36 credit hours.

How many credit hours for a masters degree in Information Technology?

It could range anywhere between 33 and 40 credits depending on the college or university.

How many hours to get a masters degree in elementary education?

Typically, the masters in education is approximately 33 - 36 credit hours depending on the institution.

What college degree is there if you have thiry-six college credit hours?

areospace engineer

How many hours does it take for masters degree?

It's highly dependent on the school, but generally around 60 credit hours.

If you have 62 college credit hours can you just say that you have an associate degree?


How long after getting your bachelor's can you wait to get your masters degree without losing credit hours?

The bachelor's degree does not expire. There is no time limit in which to start the master's degree.

How many credits do you need for a masters degree?

I received my AA in Business Administration which required 90 credit hours (2008) I received my BS in CJ which required 90 credit hours (2010) I am working on my MS in CJ which requires 36 credit hours (present) All totaling 216 credit hours for (my) Master's degree

How many semester hours are needed for a masters degree at University of Phoenix?

The MBA at University of Phoenix comprised of 35-54 credit hours.

How many college credits does wv require to get a ba degree?

Depending upon the course you select, this could range from 128 to 138 college credit hours. This is inclusive of the general education credit hours plus major credit hours.

Do you get college credit hours for a class you fail?

No you don't. They count as attempted but not completed. However you can get college credit hours for those classes passed with a D. Most Universities will not all grades below a C or C- to count towards your degree or hours for your degree however.

How many credit hours for a masters degree in psychology?

The amount of credits required to complete a Masters Degree in psychology is strictly dependent on the college or university and the type of Masters in Psychology one is pursuing. There are a number of graduate programs in psychology to include Counseling Psychology, Educational Psychology, School Psychologist , Clinical Psychology, Behavioral Sciences etc. That being said, there are Master degrees in psychology that could run anywhere from 33 to 72 credit hours depending. Viper1

How do you get a degree in college?

Get good grades and complete the minimum required number of credit hours.

If you have a masters in education how many credit hours do you need to get your doctorate in education?

It will depend on where you completed you masters, how much of what you completed in equivalent to their course content and the overall transfer credit policies of the institution you are applying to. Typically, the EdD is approximately 60 credit hours depending on the college or university.

How many credit hours for a masters degree in remedial reading?

The required number of credits will vary according to the specific college or university. However, the approximate number of credits for this area is typically 33 credits.

What is the difference between the university master's degree and college master's degree?

The words "college" versus "university" can be confusing......especially in the US, where they can mean different things, depending on the state and/or the school(s) in question.It would be nice if things in the US were more like they are in the UK, when it comes to the difference between "college" and "university." In the UK, the university is the large, overall institution; and then each of its constituent parts are called colleges... like the University of London system.And in that (University of London) system, there is no difference: a masters degree is a masters degree.Gratefully, despite the less-clear difference between "college" and "university" in the US, a masters degree, regardless which kind of institution issues it, is the same, from either. A masters degree is a masters degree. Period.In pretty much all cases, a "masters" degree consists of from, typically, 32 to 48 graduate semester credit hours, beyond a 120 undergraduate-semester-credit-hour "bachelors" degree.Though the credits are calculated differently in the UK, it's still the same: first a bachelors degree, and then a masters degree; and it matters, not, whether it's from a school that calls itself a "college," or one that calls itself a "university." In either case, it's post-secondary, graduate-level higher-education that's immediatelly beyond the post-secondary undergraduate bachelors degree.

How many credit hours does it take to earn an associates degree in business management?

Generally 71 college credit hours, get a bachelors though, market place doesn't really recognize the associates degree like they should.

What is the difference between a masters degree and a doctorate degree?

A masters degree usually requires one year full time work, about 30-33 credit hours, after earning your bachelor's degree (usually considered a four year degree). The doctorate would require about 60 or more credit hours after the masters, for a total of 90 or so hours. The doctorate would require three to eight years to complete, depending on the particular program, the university, and the time the student has to invest in the classwork and dissertation research and writing that follows. The doctorate requires much more work! But it can be done.

How many credits after a bachelor degree is needed for a master degree?

It depends on the program of study. There are masters degrees that can run anywhere from 30 to 70 credit hours. You should think about the reason for taking the masters, your career goals and objectives, and decide which masters and path will satisfy your needs.