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256 Maximum


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The HD-PVR does not support VGA out, unfortunately. You will need a component to VGA or HDMI so you can hook it up to your monitor.

VGA can certainly display 256 colors--if the display adapter in question has enough memory for it. A lot of old VGA display adapters didn't display more than 16 colors simply because they didn't have sufficient memory for the higher color depth--it had nothing to do with VGA

16 million possible colors.

A VGA camera is a digital camera that takes images at approximately the same color and resolution level as a VGA monitor (640x480x256 colors). Since this is extremely low quality, it is found on only the cheapest "toy" digital cameras these days.

For VGA normally uses 0.3 mega pixels

Yes if your computer and your television support VGA or HDMI

AnswerCheck for a DVI to VGA dual adapter. They do make single pole adapters all the way up to 24 monitor adapters. That website would be your best bet.-----------------------------------------This website would help you

VGA can certainly support HD standards. VGA is a hardware standard for display interfaces and supports numerous resolutions including 720p, 1080i and 1080p. In fact, VGA ports often support even higher resolutions. The practical use of VGA for HD display has some limitations due to commercial restrictions.Commercial HD content delivered via disc, cable or satellite is exclusively delivered to a display using HDMI. This is a digital interface and supports HDCP, a protection system that encodes the signal to prevent copying HD material. Commercial HD players and receivers do not output HD signals through a VGA port as HDCP cannot be implemented on VGA ports.Non commercial HD content and some downloaded content can make good use of VGA displays but generally, HD material will demand HDMI rather than VGA. It is worth noting that DVI outputs on computers are compatible with HDMI but do not support HDCP, Therefore, the use of DVI is limited in a similar way to VGA.

No. HDMI to DVI uses a DVI-D or DVI-I connection and is digital, but a DVI to VGA uses a DVI-I or DVI-A and is analog. The best way to connect a PS3 to a projector is to see if the projector support component video through the VGA input using a VGA to component pigtail adapter. The projector might have even come with one. You then need to purchase a PS3 component video cable. This will allow resolutions up to 1080i (if your projector support it).

The original Xbox does not have native VGA support. In order to hook it up to a monitor, you would need to buy a component to VGA signal conversion box.

Not explicitly. The dreamcast did support VGA output through an optional adapter, and by interfacing that adapter with an additional VGA to HDMI adapter, HDMI-compatible output can be achieved.

Standard VGA cabling uses 15 pin connectors called HD-15.

A VGA card is a video graphics card that is used by most computers. Many websites have deals on VGA cards. For instance, eBay, Amazon, and New Egg all have deals on the latest and best VGA cards.

You will have to get a VGA and RCA cable. You can connect the VGA cable from your laptop to a VGA/RCA adapter, and the RCA from the adapter to the projector.

VGA stands for video graphics array. A VGA adapter or connector is used by laptops, computers monitors and some televisions. It has many uses, an example of this would be to connect a laptop to an interactive whiteboard.

Standard VGA is 16bit.

Use a VGA cord or a VGA to HDMI adaptor connected to the laptop.

VGA Planets was created in 1992.

You can buy a video VGA adapter online on for a variety of different quality and prices. They are many adapters with affordable prices.

The VGA port is used to connect a monitor to a computer. VGA is an older version of DVI and HDMI

Laptop contains a VGA port. With reasonable variability, most laptop VGA ports are equal in terms of strength.

Older computer monitors are based on a cathode ray tube, hence the name CRT monitors. Most CRT computer monitors have a VGA input or a VGA compatible input. Many years ago, computer monitors used display standards such as CGA, EGA and Hercules. All were digital interfaces with restricted color depth. CGA was limited to 16 colors, EGA had 64 and Hercules was a monochrome image limited to black, white and bright white. The connection to the monitor was a 9 pin D connector, the same size as a VGA 15 pin but with fewer pins. If any of these monitors survive, they will not take a VGA signal. Any monitor with a VGA 15 pin connector is very likely to accept VGA signals but be warned that they are normally limited to lower resolutions than modern LCD displays.

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