Johannes Brahms

How many compositons did Johannes Brahms write?

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Brahms composed 21 Hungarian Dances in total.

Johannes Brahms composed four symphonies.

Johannes Brahms wrote 121 opuses. Many are sets of pieces or variations. There are also many pieces posthumously published.

Johannes Brahms never married and had no children.

Brahms wrote 4 symphonies. He easily could have written more, but it took him over 20 years to write his first, due largely to the incredible shadow left by Beethoven, who Brahms respected immensely..

Johannes like was very rough and had many family members that died

If, by 'opera,' you mean music and singing and all that, Brahms didn't write any operas. If you mean 'opera' as the plural form of 'opus,' as in a completed written work, he wrote 122 pieces with known opus numbers, and an additional 38 known works without opus numbers.

Two, an older sister named Elise and a younger brother named Friedrich.

Johannes Brahms (1833-97) promoted many up and coming composers in his personally published music journal. the most famous composer that was touted by Herr Brahms, was the incomparable Robert Schumann (1810-56) .

Johannes Brahms composed four concerti: two piano concerti, a violin concerto and a double concerto for violin, cello and orchestra. (The word "concerto" is traditionally defined as singular; whereas the plural form of the term is "concerti".)

He worked in a bar playing music. These bars were full of many strange people. He needed to make extra money.

Many of his compositions are famous. Here are just a few examples: the four symphonies, the four concertos, 'Cradle Song', the German Requiem.

Brahms completed four symphonies.

The Cat Who Played Brahms has 185 pages.

A great many composers and interpreters were inspired by chopin. Arthur rubenstein, Vladimir Horowitz, Franz Liszt, Robert Shumann, Hector Berlioz, Alexander Scriabin, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Claude Debussy, Johannes Brahms, are just a few of the many people that were inspred by his work.

He wrote four symphonies.

Johannes Cabal the Necromancer has 304 pages.

There are a number of Hungarian composers who were significant. They include Franz Liszt (1811-1886), Bela Bartok (1881-1945), Zoltan Kodaly (1882-1967). Whilst Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was German, the Hungarian influence came out strongly in many of his works.

There are many places where one can listen to Brahms Symphony 3. Website that this symphony can be streamed from include Youtube and the Internet Archives website.

Brahms's catalog includes 122 opus numbers and 38 works without numbers. Since many of those are collections of works, such as Six Pieces for Piano, Four Pieces for Piano, Eleven Chorale Preludes, etc., it's safe to estimate upwards of 300 individual compositions.

Too many to name. A romantic composer like Brahms doesn't write in block chords as in a pop song or a folk song - the piece is made up of complex harmonies and these harmonies are very ambiguous in places as well - There really is no easy answer to this question because the answer would be ridiculously complicated and barely understandable to anyone

There is no such piece as Intermezzo 2. Brahms wrote many intermezzi and they are all identified by their opus numbers. Eg op 118 no 1 or 119 no 4 so you will have to be more specific.

She spent 5.8 hours total and 1.8 hours of that time was spent listening to Brahms. To find how long she spent listening to Beethoven, subtract 1.8 from 5.8. 5.8 - 1.8 = 4.0. She spent 4 hours listening to Beethoven.

Johannes Kepler lived from 1570 to 1631. He published sixteen books in his lifetime mostly focusing on astronomy and mathematics.

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