How many computer viruses are there?

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According to Spybot, as of Feb. 06, 2009 there are 287,524 viruses and growing
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What do computer viruses do to your computer?

Answer . They do different things. The most recent "viruses" are really technically called "worms". These programs are usually loaded as attachments in emails, and then silently send out emails to everyone in your contact list. Other viruses attach part of their code to your device drivers, or ( Full Answer )

Names of computer viruses and what can it do to your computer?

Hi, computer virus means program which inserts automatically, causes data breach, does harm to PC functionary. There are different kinds of computer virus, an effective way for protecting your PC from virus is to install a powerful antivirus software. Moreover, keep away from suspect email or websit ( Full Answer )

What is a computer viruses?

Firstly, it should be 'What are computer viruses?', or 'What is a computer virus?'. But to answer the question, a virus is a a harmful or malicious script or code which may harm your computer. These should not be confused with Trojans or Worms. Trojans Trojans horses are just like in the story of ( Full Answer )

Why do computers get viruses?

Bad People create viruses to assess your computer or use it, and for how the get them, the virus self-installs or waits for you to run an innocent-looking program. top 10: 10: ILOVEYOU 9:cih

What do computer viruses do?

Viruses are programs that attach themselves to a computer or a file and then circulate themselves to other files and to other computers on a network. They usually affect the data on a computer, either by altering or deleting it. Worms, unlike viruses don not need the host to attach themselves to. A ( Full Answer )

How many types of computer viruses are there?

Many the only ones I know of are just a small handfull of how many there could possibly be (torojan horse, some kind of weird name like Bot ___, and a few others) the closest number is 300

What can computer viruses do?

they infect your computer and crash your hard drive, slow down your computer, and other bad things. Also their contagious

What is a computer viruse?

self-replicating computer program written to alter the way a computer operates, without the permission or knowledge of the user.. mike was here

What is computer viruses?

A computer virus is a self-duplicating, malicious piece of software which damages data on one's computer. Virtually all computer viruses exclusively attack Microsoft Windows.

How are computer viruses like biological viruses?

Computer viruses are called "viruses" after the biological typeof virus because of a few similarities: Computer viruses . are self-spreading and reproductive . spread to other computers (through internet, email, CDs, usbkeys) . damage the host computer and . can be prevented by "vaccination" o ( Full Answer )

How do viruses get into computers?

Some criminal makes a virus and puts it on an internet page or in a file you receive in an email, and when you go to the page or open or run the file it can introduce the program to your computer to do its damage.

How do you get viruses in you computer?

viruses go into your computer when you go on websites you've never heard of or they have inappropriate things on them.beware of these websites and if you accidentally end up on those websites quickly get off.

How many new computer viruses are made every day?

Thousands of viruses are made everyday. **** Clarification **** Thousands of variants of viruses are made daily, mainly by "Script Kiddies" who get some viral code, modify it a little bit, and re-distribute it. --Greg

How can a computer viruses be introduced into the computer?

A computer virus can be introduced in a variety of different ways. These include email/USB Thumb Drive (in fact any removable media)/ and simply visiting websites which download malicious cookies onto your computer (most websites automatically download data when you visit them). These are just a few ( Full Answer )

How do computer viruses affect your computer?

some big viruses make you computer slow, but the whole point of a virus is to go as unnoticed as possible. Hope this helped with your question!! -mike

How many Macintosh computer viruses are there?

There are no active viruses attacking Mac OS X. If you are running Windows on the Mac then it can become infected with the many viruses that attack Windows.

How many new computer viruses per month are there?

Nobody keeps tracks of "new" computer viruses, as almost all are offshoots of existing ones. However, according to a Symantec (anti-virus manufacturer) report found on the CERT (USA Government office; Department of Homeland Security) website (refer to the link, below), "nearly 7,000 new worms and v ( Full Answer )

How can computer viruses damage computers?

A computer virus extracts malicious code to harm your computer. This code can give hackers access to your system and everything on your network.

How do computer viruses get into your computer?

A Computer virus usually gets in by the internet , just like unwanted cookies. You would need a virus scanner to remove the virus from your computer or laptop .

Why are computer viruses harmful to the computer?

Because they store worms in your computer, and these worms slows your computer down, and can permanent damage to your computer and make it unworkable. Just be careful what type of websites you go on, and don't be so anxious to click on suspicious links that you get in emails. Then you won't have a p ( Full Answer )

How many type of computer viruses?

bomb virus- sets off and abunch of blank windows open( I had it too :( ) weegee virus- Mouse cannot move and black screen of weege poops of and weegee says something then your computer catches on fire! I love you letter- A letter opens and i dont know what happens next? Pacman virus- Starts as pacma ( Full Answer )

What can computer viruses do to a computer?

Severity meter: . nothing, just reproduce and make your computer slow . stealing passwords . leading an email raid on German security providers (it's happened) . assess your address book and sending emails out to your friends (you care about them, right?) . assessing your files . assess your ( Full Answer )

How does viruses get into your computer and what do they do?

The virus comes from USB, hard disk, sharing the computer, floppy disks, Cd's, and downloaded files from the Internet. Viruses can destroy your computer hard disk. The effect of virus that your computer will become slow and freeze several times.

How not to get a computer viruses?

Get anti-virus software. Avast is pretty good and it is free. Also it helps if you try to stick to reputable websites and avoid downloading anything unless you trust the uploader.

How does Computer get viruses?

Usually when you open a file or email attachment. Never open a file or email attachment that is unfamiliar to you or if the sender is unknown to you. Also, be sure you have an updated and reliable anti-virus application running on your computer.

How many viruses are there on your computer?

Its only depend what virus that infect your computer and also there is different kind and types of viruses out there that have different use for intrusion to our systems. think it help. joven albarida

How do you get these viruses out of your computer?

When you first bought a computer it should come with CDs to repair/reinstall your computer. You need those CDs to reset your computer again to new state. If you don't want to, you can download Anti Virus Programs, such as Norton. But please keep in mind that not all Anti Virus can remove all of your ( Full Answer )

Why do computers have viruses?

There are bad people in the world, and they want to assess your computer or ruin it for you. They create viruses to do the dirty work for them.

How do you get viruses in computer?

you get viruses in your computer by multiple ways, if your computer is connected to internet then you may get viruses from email, IM and also from some websites! Also if you are into warez and download lots of pirated stuff then there is a high risk of getting infected from viruses! also virus ( Full Answer )

Why do computer get viruses?

Computer viruses arenothing but a malicious/infected plugin/software which enters intouser's computer through spammy/infected sites/downloads. Most ofthe time these infections enters into one's computer due to thelack of proper security application. You can get virus infectionfrom anywhere starting ( Full Answer )

Why do computer viruses affect computers?

A virus can be sneaky and mostly the reason why a virus hacks your computer is because they want you to buy their product .About 4 months ago i had a computer virus on my computer called security tool it wanted me to buy there security . Another reason why is because they just want to annoy you ( Full Answer )

How does computer viruses get into your computer?

Viruses can intrude into your PC by different means. The leadingcause and source of most of viruses, spywares, trojan horses isinternet, especially downloads and E-Mail attachments. Othersources may include Flash Drive (USB), CD or any other device youconnect with your computer.

How do Viruses get on your computer?

Viruses can get on a computer a few different ways. The most common one is through network sharing such as the Internet. Viruses are just programs that other people made to break/inhibit the computers that they infect. These programs get on your computer by being downloaded. After getting on a compu ( Full Answer )

How computer viruses attack computers?

Hi, generally speaking, the attack process can be divided into 4 steps: 1 Scan. 2 Start attack by some special tools. 3 Invasion。 4 To release virus, and register itself into the system files. Then the virus can invade a PC when next booting. Here are some measure for protecting PC f ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of computer viruses to the computer?

There are many effects of computer viruses to a computer, but it all depends on the type of virus. There are many types, including worms, malware, viruses, among others. A worm is simply a quine (self-replicating program) that does damage to your computer in a certain way. Malware is similar, but in ( Full Answer )

How can your computer get viruses?

Viruses are quite easy to pick up when surfing the internet - some will get to you without you even knowing! Viruses can enter your PC when you download something, or when you accept an email from someone - essentially, when you knowingly accept a connection between your computer and another comp ( Full Answer )

How many viruses does Microsoft computers get?

The number of viruses that Microsoft computers get can not be counted, because once you are on the internet without a protection you are vulnerable to virus infections.

How do you protect your computer from computer viruses?

Download an antivirus program, such as Malwarebytes or Spybot if you want free versions, or Kaspersky, or McAfee if you're willing to pay. Don't use Norton. It's as good as a virus. Oh, and don't download porn. Prevention is the first step.

How do the computer viruses work in computers?

Viruses are specially designed computer programs (software's) to disturb the normal working / flow of the target computer system. Some viruses might have instructions to remove data from one/s computer and some might have the code to duplicate it for an infinite time. Also some might contain the log ( Full Answer )

What does computer viruses damage in your computer?

Computer viruses can damage your file system. They can remove ordelete some important (system) files from your computer, that canmake your computer harm. Your computer may not be able to startagain. And you have to format or remove the virus from your PCusing Antivirus e.g. Kaspersky, AntiVir.