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How many confederate generals were there?

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What did Confederate generals always have?

Confederate generals always had troops and slaves under their command.

How Many Confederate Generals were killed in the battle of Gettysburg?

Generals Armisted, Garnett, Pettigrew.

Where can you find a list of the names of Southern Generals?

A listing of Confederate Generals can be found at Confederate Generals of The South. Please refer to the link on this answer page.

How many Confederate generals were killed in the US Civil War?

Seventy-seven Confederate generals were killed or mortally wounded in the US Civil War. Also, of these seventy-seven, twenty-one generals had been previously wounded in battles before the battle in which they were killed.

How high were the casualty rates among Confederate generals in the US Civil War?

Casualty rates among Confederate generals during the US Civil War were high. In the war, 55% of all Rebel generals were either killed or wounded . This amounted to 235 of the 435 generals. Most of the Confederate losses among generals occurred as they led their troops into battle.

What generals were shot during Pickett's Charge?

The Confederate Generals Garnett, Armistead and Pettigrew.

Who were the leading generals for the confederate?

hellz nah==

What does Atticus say is the result of naming people after confederate generals?

Atticus says that naming people after confederate generals makes for a slow and steady drinker

Why was Jefferson Davis blamed by many for the Confederate defeat?

He was out of his depth, unable to control his cabinet or his Generals.

How many confederate and union generals were killed or mortally wounded during the Civil war?


What advantage did the confederate army have over the union army?

The confederate army had better generals

Who were the Confederate generals during the US Civil War?

There were hundreds of Confederate Generals in the war. The leading was Lieutenant General Robert E. Lee. In early 1865, President Davis appointed Lee to be what is considered the general in chief of Confederate military forces.

Who were the major Confederate generals?

Robert E. Lee

Who were the Confederate generals at Gettysburg?

Robert E. Lee :)

How many generals were in the US Civil War?

There is always a debate on how many generals there were in the Civil War. Both sides in the war had militia so for the purpose of this question let only count the generals that were properly appointed or nominated. For the Union side there was 564 generals, and for the Confederate side there were 401.

How many children of Confederate General Robert E. Lee served in the Confederate army?

Three sons of Confederate General Robert E. Lee served in the Confederate army. Two were major generals and one was a captain.

Confederate general Early?

Here is a great site that will answer who were the Confederate Generals:

Confederate generals of the civil war?

Robert E. Lee

Who were the generals in the battle of antitam?

McLellan (Union) Lee (Confederate)

Who are all the Generals in the Civil War?

There were more than six hundred Yankee generals, and about 425 Confederates - too many to try to list here. There is a book, Ezra Warner's "Generals in Gray" which has a short biography of each of the 425 Confederate generals. I think somebody since has done the same for the Union generals.

Who were the union and confederate generals of chancellorsville battles?

Union - Joseph Hooker. Confederate - Robert E.Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

Who were the generals at Fort Sumter in the American Civil War?

there were two generals, robert anderson for the union and pgt beareguard for the confederate

Who were the generals of the battle of chatanooga?

During the First Battle of Chattanooga the generals were: Union Major General Buell and Confederate Brigadier Generals Morgan and Forrest; during the Second Battle: Union Major General Rosencrans and Confederate Braxton Bragg; during the third one: Union Major General Grant and Confederate Braxton Bragg.

How many generals died in the civil war?

About 5 Union General deaths and 9 Confederate General deaths A lot more than 14 generals. Just Google how many generals died in the civil war. Sites give list of names and other info

Which general commanded the confederate army?

Generals Lee and "Stonewall" Jackson

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