How many connections are there on a 92 Chevy silverado 1500 starter?

get under the truck on the passanger side. there will be two bolts conecting it to the block, remove them with out catching one in the face. pull it off, once out set the starter on the ground connect power to it with jumper cables. Don't for get to step on it. or secure it in some fashion. once it has power the solenold shound ingage if it dosent replace that. it could save you some money, there not hard to replace, but in some cases it is the same price as getting a new starter/and sloenold. so bargin shop. it might not hurt to get a heat shield as well.

oh, yeah, don't for get to diconect the batt.and it will probley not hurt to hook the wires up to the starter before reversing the process to reinstall.