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How many constellations are visible from the earth?


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There are 88 "official" constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union, the body that decides such things.

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There are 88 official constellations, all of which are visible from Earth, but not from every location.

The earth's position has no affect on constellations' visibility. The position of the viewer on the surface of the earth will affect what constellations are visible.

All of them are. The constellations were all invented by human beings, on Earth. None were invented that can't be seen from Earth.

Stars are visible at night. Constellations are simply groups of stars as seen from earth, and they are also visible at night.

There are many popular constellations that are visible from Canada. Popular constellations include the big and little dipper for example.

There are no constellations in the Earth. They are in space. There are 88 official constellations.

because the earth spins on an axis and during the different parts of the year certain constellations are visible.

The Earth orbiting the Sun is responsible for the regular seasonal changes of the constellations visible in the night sky.

As earth orbits the sun, different constellations come into view while others disappear. Circumpolar constellations are visible all year long, other constellations are not.

Due to the rotation of the Earth, the constellations overhead in the day time (which are not visible as it is) are not the same ones visible at night. However, the constellations in today's day sky are the same constellations in the night sky 6 months from now, and the constellations in tonight's night sky are the same constellations in the day sky 6 months from now.

The Big Dipper and the Ursa Major are the most visible constellations from NJ. The May constellations that contains over 200 galaxies is also one of the most visible constellations from NJ.

It depends on your location and the time of year as to what constellations are or are not visible.

This will depend on where on the Earth you are. Some stars are only visible if you're in the Northern hemisphere and some in the Southern.

Those constellations that lie in the plane in which Earth orbits the Sun (the ecliptic) are only visible in the night sky when Earth is on their side of the Sun.

No. From any point on earth that's not on the equator, there is some part of the sky that's never visible.

All of them. The 'constellations' are a human invention. They're all visible from any place that humans are, or are likely to go for a very long time in the future.

The distance between the Earth and the Moon... or for that matter the Earth and any other planet in the Solar System... is so small compared to the distance to even the nearest stars that there is no appreciable difference in the constellations.

Orion is one of the few constellations that can be seen from anywhere on Earth, but it's not visible in at certain times of year. It's visible in the northern hemisphere in winter. In the southern hemisphere it can be seen for most of the year in many places. (I presume the questioner meant "from where on Earth......".)

There are an infinite number of constellations in the Universe, since any group of stars can constitute a myriad of different shapes according to the viewpoint from which the observer is looking from, and there are a near-infinite number of stars. If you mean how many classic, named constellations visible from Earth, then the answer is 88 for the English-speaking world. The Chinese, Arabs, Polynesians, Hindus, and aboriginal Australians all have their own constellations as well.

Half of all constellations are visible from the north pole, andall of them are visible from one inch north of the equator.

Stars are not constellations. A constellation is an area in the sky where stars are visible, usually in recognisable patterns. There are officially 88 constellations.

The following constellations are visible in the month of March: Cancer, Canis Minor, Carina, Lynx, Puppis, Pyxis, Vela and Volans

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