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Jeopardy needs 400 new contestants per year. The original Jeopardy show hosted by Art Fleming came on the air from March 30 1964 until January 3 1975. A new syndicated Jeopardy Hosted by Alex Trebek has aired continuously since September 10 1984. That would mean under 15,000 contestants for USA Jeopardy with over 10,00 of them from the Alex Trebek Jeopardy episodes. This estimate does not even include the large number of international contestants from the International Jeopardy shows.

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Who is all of the jeopardy contestants?

Jeopardy has had over 9,200 episodes and almost 20,000 contestants and even the Syndicated show has had over 6,200 episodes and over 10,000 contestants

What does final jeopardy category mean?

The TV show Jeopardy asks the contestants a final question that they write out the answer for at the end of the show. The questions on the show are divided into categories or subjects. The Final Jeopardy category would be the subject for the final question to be answered by the contestants.

What are the answers to Jeopardy?

There are no answers to the Jeopardy TV Show as they do new questions each time the contestants want a question.

Do the jeopardy contestants know how much each bets at the end of the show?

The Final Jeopardy bets are revealed after the 30 seconds of writing time ends. Before then, the contestants don't know how much the other contestants bet.

How are Jeopardy winners paid - Right after the show?

This statement is about the Wheel of Fortune show : Contestants receive their cash and/or prizes within 120 days after the airdate of the show. Even though that answer was for Wheel of Fortune it's owned by the same company that does the Jeopardy shows. They would not pay Jeopardy contestants as soon as your question seemed to expect. The show might not air for many months after it was completed.

Verb forum and tense Since American Idol premiered on television many talented contestants appeared on the show?

Since American Idol premiered on television, many talented contestants appeared on the show.

How do you do the final jeopardy?

For contestants of the show they tell you the final category and then you must decide on the amount of your wager. They are various methods that contestants have used in the past to make this decision and they all take into account the other contestants score before final Jeopardy.

Why do marines not wear name tags on jeopardy?

None of the contestants, including Marines, wear name tags on the show. The contestants' names are shown on their scoreboard.

What is special about the auditions for Jeopardy?

The Jeopardy! audition process differs from that of many other game shows in that it involves passing a difficult test of knowledge on a diversity of subjects, approximating the material encountered by contestants on the show.

Are there any jeopardy contestants that have passed away?

Yes, there have been over ten thousand contestants on the show since the Alex Trebek version started over 25 years ago on September 10 1984. The number of contestants is even greater and the original contestants much older if you include all Jeopardy games from the Art Fleming versions of Jeopardy which began over 45 years ago on March 30 1964.

Has anyone ever been on the same gameshow twice?

It can happen, depending on the show. For example, on The Price is Right, you can be on the show again after 10 years, and there have been contestants who have appeared on the show twice. On the other side of the spectrum, there was a contestant on Jeopardy! who appeared twice, and had his winnings withheld due to the show's rules saying that you can't appear again if you've already appeared once on the current version of the show (note that contestants that have appeared on the Art Fleming version of the show can appear again on the current version, and it's happened before).

In the original version of Jeopardy did losing contestants get to keep the money they earned on the show?

Prior to 1984, all contestants kept their winnings, and contestants who finished with scores below $0 received consolation prizes. see related link

Does Jeopardy pay contestants' expenses?

Jeopardy! does not cover contestants' expenses. All contestants have to pay their own way to Los Angeles, which includes lodging and meals. Everyone on the show wins some money, though. Third place gets $1000, second place gets $2000 and the winner keeps what he makes.

Can you provide a complete list of past Jeopardy contestants?

The show has been on for thousands of episodes. More than the over 5000 that Wheel of Fortune has been on and the list would be over 10000 names. Are you sure you would not like the list sorted by how much they won and/or the date they were on. How about how many shows they were on. The information is not available except for many of the shows from the Alex Trebek Jeopardy The Jeopardy Archive will allow you to search for a contestants name and also have the names of the contestants for each episode in the archive. The link to it has been added under related links

Who were the players on Wheel on Fortune for March 24 2012?

They were the contestants from the original episode date of January 21 2011. Wheel of Fortune contestants are not like a Jeopardy show contestants who provide a full name, occupation, and location and are available after the show in the Jeopardy Archive. Wheel of Fortune contestant identities are private and they only provide a first name during the program which is not available after the program has aired.

Is there a way to get the names of contestants that appeared on the show in the 1970's?

The J.Archive is a history of Jeopardy shows that starts with a small number of Episodes from the First season of the Alex Trebek Jeopardy from 1984. see related link. No information is available on that link for the Original Art Fleming Jeopardy series that started in 1964 and that is the best source for detailed Jeopardy information.

Does jeopardy give the categories to the contestants?

The categories for each round are revealed to the contestants at the same time they are revealed on the show. The players have absolutely no advance knowledge of the material, or the categories, before playing each round.

Does jeopardy give the categories to the contestants to study before the show?

No, Jeopardy! does not provide the contestants with information pertaining to the categories they may encounter during their game. Categories are randomly assigned months/weeks before contestants are chosen for a specific episode in order to eliminate any appearance of collusion. That is why sometimes you may see categories that are particularly beneficial to one contestant over another, such as when there is a Law Category and one of the contestants is a lawyer.

How many total contestants have been on jeopardy?

Quick answer over 11,000 The Jeopardy show has had a number of earlier shows since its creation by Merv Griffin in 1964. The current format with Alex Trebek as host of the syndicated version of the show has been on continuously since September 10, 1984. There have been over 5850 episodes of this show and fewer than 3,000 episodes of the earlier shows. These figures do not include the versions of the show which has been adapted internationally. The number of contestants for the current version of Jeopardy would be well over 11,000 figuring an average of two new contestants for each episode. Prior to 2003 a contestant who won 5 consecutive days was retired undefeated and the next show began with 3 new players.

From which game show do contestants seem to win the most money?

Deal or No Deal, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, Millionaire, Jeopardy, Price is Right

Why is jeopardy a gameshow?

The definition of a game show is a televised program in which contestants compete in a game for prizes. A contestant can be the sole competitor such as in 'Deal or No Deal' or 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' or there can be multiple competitors vying for first place, such as on 'Family Feud' and 'Wheel of Fortune'. The game show winner receives cash or prizes depending on the game. 'Jeopardy' qualifies as a game show in that three contestants complete answers/questions, and the person with the most money in their bank at the end of the show wins.

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