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WikiAnswers Trust Points are received when someone clicks on "recommend" on your profile, not by the amount of contributions. You'll find quality answers that are really helpful will earn those points. You also get confidence votes when someone says that an answer you contributed to was helpful (on the question page).

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Q: How many contributions does a user have to make to get a trust point on this website?
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How come there are contributors with so few contributions but so many trust points?

There are a few reasons for this. The first reason is that their contributions were outstanding to others, and many people who saw this contributor gave them a trust point for their excellent contributions. The other reason is that this person had all of their friends make an account and give them a trust point.

How do you make more trust points?

On the Wiki Answers website, trust points are earned by giving good answers. Members then leave one trust point for writers that they think deserve it.

Why is it so difficult to earn trust points?

Probably because not enough WikiAnswers contributors have read your contributions or have considered giving you or others a trust point. I suspect that Supervisors are more likely to attract trust points than other contributors because of the improvements they make to the contributions of others which are likely to then attract a response from the original contributor.

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Do you think it is unfair that a contributor can award themselves a trust point on WikiAnswers?

Answer 1:Yes.Answer 2:No. I would hope that any contributer would trust their own contributions! If not, why should anyone else?Besides, these trust points aren't actually "ranks", they just mean that someone liked one of your answers. It's not the infallible measure of integrity some might think.Also, have you seen how many hundreds and thousands of trust points those who've been around have? No one awarding themselves a single point is going to make any difference to their ultimate numbers. Only consistently good contributions can do that.(Full disclosure: Of the 51 trust points I've received in the past month, one of them was from myself. Therefore, you should only trust me fifty points worth, not fifty one!)

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