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Q: How many copies of Duffy and the Devil were printed?
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How many copies of A Christmas carol were printed?

Originally 6000

How many printed copies has The Lord of the Rings sold?

Well over 150,000,000 copies of The Lord of the Ringshave been sold, as of 2008.

How many copies of the Bible are printed every year?

The answer is variable. Variables are infinite. Answer unknown.

How many copies of the Bible have been printed to this day?

It's impossible to tell, there are so many version in so many languages.

How did the Colonists get the Declaration of Independence?

Copies of the Declaration of Independence was printed in many colonial newspapers and read out loud in many towns.

How many pages does Duffy's Rocks have?

Duffy's Rocks has 198 pages.

How many copies of the IKEA catalog are printed every year?

Ikea prints more than 180 million catalogs yearly.

How many books were sold of Lord of the Rings?

The best estimates say that 150 million copies of the whole story have been printed.

How many of shakespeares manuscripts still survive?

None. None of Shakespeare's plays survive in manuscript form, only in printed copies.

How many tales of beedle the bard collectors edition were printed?

J.K Rowling wrote seven handmade copies. Six of which she gave to people close to her; the seventh was sold at an auction with Amazon winning. They paid £1.95 million for it. They then printed 100,000 copies of the collectors edition for the public to buy.

Where were Patrick duffy's parents born?

My late father's aunt, Bridget Bishop, married a Duffy. They lived in County Cavan, Eire. We were told many many years ago that Patrick Duffy was a member of this Duffy family.

How many copies of The Lord of the Rings were sold in the US?

There have been over 150 million copies of the full story printed and sold throughout the world. It would be difficult to put an exact number on the copies sold in the US, as the English versions were sold in many countries throughout the world, but it is somewhere in the millions.

How many songs has Duffy sang?


How many copies of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone have been printed?

Accurate publication numbers are not public knowledge. The book has sold over 120 million copies worldwide, this does not include copies sent the libraries and is a fairly old figure. It doesn't include numbers from the new illustrated edition.

How many bibles have been sold worldwide?

There's no way of knowing for sure as many copies have been printed and smuggled into countries where it is illegal to own or possess a Bible. Most recent calculations estimate around 6 billion copies in over 2000 languages or dialects.

How many Brit Awards did Duffy win at this years award ceremony?

Duffy won 3 Brit Awards

How many copies of the Power Nine were made?

I recall reading somewhere that there were 1100 sets of Alpha and 4000 sets of Beta printed. I am unsure of how many Unlimited Sets are printed, but you would be able to source one set of the power nine from each Alpha, Beta and Unlimited set.

How many copies of Harry Potter were sold on the first day?

When the first Harry Potter book was released the series wasn't popular and there weren't many printed. It isn't known how many sold on the first day, but probably not many.

How many copies of the Gettysburg Address are there?

5 known copies

How many copies did 21 by omarion where sold?

650,000 copies

How many copies of the first Christmas card is there?

their is 52 copies

How many copies sold of Matilda?

4.5 million copies

How many copies of Matilda sold?

4.5 million copies

How many copies of the thriller did Michael Jackson sell?

As many as 110 million copies.

How many copies of 'Dragon Master Knight' were printed?

Tens of thousands in the original Ultimate Edition Series 2 promotional pack, and tens of thousands more in Duelist Pack Kaiba.