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How many copies of the Bible are sold a year?

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Almost impossible to say with any degree of accuracy. Easily over 100 million per year, though many are sold in batches to be given away, with the end consumer paying nothing.

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How many copies of the Bible have sold since 1950?

very many were sold to churches and religious people throughout the year

How many copies of Uncle Tom's Cabin were sold in the first year?

There were 300,000 copies of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' sold in the first year of its publication.

How many copies of Seabiscuit were sold?

Seabiscuit:An American Legend sold over 800,000 copies and was on the New York Times bestseller list for over a year.

How many copies of the Bible are printed every year?

The answer is variable. Variables are infinite. Answer unknown.

How many copies of Diablo 3 have been sold?

Within 24 hours of its release more than 3.5 million copies of Diablo 3 had been sold. Released in 2012, it sold over 12 million copies that year, which was the highest of any game.

How many College dropout sales in first year?

1.8 million copies were sold within the first year of it's release.

How many records sold for Whitney Houston in 2009?

2009 whitneys back catalogue sales are as Whitney Houston 45000 copies ww Whitney 15000 copies sold ww Im your baby tonight 2000 copies sold ww The Bodyguard soundtrack 35000 copies sold The Preachers Wife 3500 copies sold ww Whitney Houston greatest hits/Ultimate collection 75000 copies sold just Whitney ???? one wish 5000 all up 180.000 units sold this year without the tally of I look to you by Whitney Houston sales so far are 275000 in US alone.

How many Tom Sawyer copies were sold the first year?

Tom Sawyer was so dispised and with problems with release that the real copy sold less than 24,000 in it's first year

How many people download minecraft a year?

It is hard to say exactly, since the numbers change every year. Looking at the current sales stats on the Minecraft site, they have sold 7,688 copies in the last 24 hours. At that rate, after 365 days they will have sold 2,806,120 copies.

How many copies did The Catcher in the Rye sell?

The Catcher in the Rye sold an estimated 60 million plus copies worldwide, with sales of another 200,000 per year as of 2010.

How many books are sold in a year?

well with new releases of many books, it approximetly sells at 15 copies per second. ill leave you to do the maths for the whole year

How many copies of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone sold in the first year?

Over 6.6 million paperbacks were sold and over 5 million hardbacks were sold of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

How many copies of Harry Potter sold last year?

Accurate sales figures for the Harry Potter series are not public knowledge.

How many copies of A Christmas Carol are sold each year?

from publishing to date (2015) it has been assessed that 30 million copies have been sold of the book. However, this does not include free pdf anf epub etc formats which are still in the public domain

How many books did Twilight sell in first year?

In the first year twilight sold about 5,000 copies and won New York Times #1 Best seller.

How many books has the Harry Potter series sold this year?

The latest sales figures that have been announced to the public are from 2008 when it was said that the series had sold over 450 million copies.

What is the biggest selling book?

The Bible over 100 million copies every year.

How many copies of National Geographic Kids magazine is sold each year?

Around 1,500,000,000 customers currently have a subscription for the magazine so around 12 that number or over ten million magazines are sold each year.

How many televisions are sold in a year?

how many tv are sold each year

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