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Q: How many costumes does deadpool in X-Men legends 2?
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Is deadpool in xmen?

He makes many recurring appearances but he also has comic storylines of his own. He originates from X-men however.

How many xmen movies?


How many xmen are there?

there are plenty of xmen, not all of them are mentioned in screen, movies, tv series etc,. but all of them are mentioned and played roles in xmen comics, there are about more or less 50 xmen. i think, :) look at Wikipedia!

Is thor deadpool's brother?

No, Thor is not Deadpool's brother. Thor is a god while Deadpool was a human who was given many ability enhancers.

where can I buy a unisex x-men costume online?

I don't think, or at least I could not find, anyone sells unisex X-Men costumes. There are many sites that sell other unisex costumes, but my best suggestion for you is that a woman can wear a man's costume if you buy a couple sizes smaller. A great place to look for costumes is

What was deadpool's nick name?

Deadpool is actually one of Major Wade Wilson's many nicknames. Other than Deadpool his other most common nickname is "Merc with a Mouth". For more information on Deadpool visit this website:

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Cambodia has many costumes due to its rich culture.

How much are the xmen old comics worth?

it depends HOW old and how many are left out there :)

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There are a lot of legends based on many different mythologies, such as Greek.

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