How many countries are considered developing countries?

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Up to 158 countries are considered developing countries, some of them are: Algeria, China, Liberia, Ghana, Kenya, Armenia, Ethopia, Fiji, Mexico, Mali, Saudi Arabia, South Africa.
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What countries are considered Asian countries?

Any country that is exclusively located on the Asian continent (Israel, Iran, India, China, Korea) is considered an Asian country, some countries that reside on the Asian continent as well as another continent would and would not be classified as an Asian country, such as Russia that holds a third o ( Full Answer )

What is a developing country?

A country working toward industrialization. (normally have subsistence farming) A developing Country is a country that has not fully developed meaning that there is room for improvements that will make it a better place

Is Barbados a developed or developing country?

Barbados is a developing country. While having a medium-sized percapita GDP, and the eigth-highest Human Development Index in theAmericas, Barbados may have lost some of its economic vitality.This is evidenced by periods with unemployment as high as 10 to14%. Their challenge is to find new industrie ( Full Answer )

Is Mexico a developed or developing country?

Mexico is a Upper-Middle income nation, with a GDP (PPP) of$15,400, a HDI (Human Development Index) of .850, and a povertyrate of 13% with a Food based definition, and 17% if asset basedpoverty is added in. It cannot be classified as a developingnation, because it has higher standards of living, bet ( Full Answer )

How do developed and developing countries differ?

Developed countries produce large quantities of goods, services, and in general do a lot of manufacturing. Countries such as these use science to improve technology and generally have good health care and education for their people, as well as adequate food, clothing, and housing. Developing countri ( Full Answer )

What makes a country considered developed?

Type your answer here... I think the fact that most of the so called developed nations rely heavily on the poor nation for their achievement,the friction is that they controlled the entire world with their ability to tap and controlled other nations through democracy,supporting dictators and corru ( Full Answer )

Is Spain a developed or developing country?

It is a developed counrty. But like any other contries has a lot of troubles. There are areas of spain, like Madrid or Navarra which are more developed than other areas like Extremadura, for exemple. Nowadays it is a huge problem in the country, because some selfish autonomies (provinces in other co ( Full Answer )

What country developed them?

i believe they were invented BC,in a very elaborate form, the woods were well chosen..

Is Switzerland a developed country or developing country?

What a rubbish question is this?? For your information, Switzerland is one of the most developed country in the world, probably the number one. Sandeep Jain NOOOOOOO the USA or Canada are the most developed countries in the world. And don't be soo rude. Some people don't know this studd. He ( Full Answer )

How do you develop your country?

kind of impossible but this is what i would do i would sign a petition and use 2 countries petitions take it to their ruler then maybe it will get vetoed or you will get your own country. I was just kidding but now lets be serious. to develop a country at first you need to develop economic condition ( Full Answer )

What countries are economically developing countries?

Although the definition is not the same everywhere these are generally considered developing countries: Afghanistan Albania Algeria Angola Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Azerbaijan Bahamas Bangladesh Barbados Belize Benin Bhutan Bolivia Botswana Bosnia and H ( Full Answer )

What countries are considered the Western countries?

It depends on the time period you are talking about. Western countries are usually the America's canada, and Africa. Then again it depends on what time period you are talking about because it changes if your talking middle ages, WWI WWII etc...

Development in a country?

Development is the continuous improvement in the standard of living and the quality of life of the people in the country.

Is Australia a developed country or a developing country?

Australia is a developed country. i live in Australia as most of the population enjoys a high standard of living . unemployment is at 4.2 percent. But because of the recession its now between 5.5 to 5.7 percent. But we are still not is recession. Depending on the data different sites rank Australia ( Full Answer )

Which countries in Africa are considered developed countries?

None of the countries are developed, however South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Botswana and Namibia are some of the most developed, especially South Africa having been there myself. The cities are modern with good infrastructure its not rare to see an Aston Martin, Bentley or Hummer on the stre ( Full Answer )

How can you develop your country?

By choosing the right and honest leader who thinks a country is his/ her own home. So they should work hard to show an example.

Which country is not considered to be a real country?

A country can be 'not real' in several ways. It can be a made-upone like Ruritania, but I think you mean a real place. Thearguments are complicated, but it's often agreed that a country hasto be a member of the United Nations to be 'real'. The UN willusually recognize the country if its members do s ( Full Answer )

Why is east timor considered a developing country?

all countries are actually developing but this term is just a nice way of saying economically primitive & therefore often poor by the standards of the person using the term

How does a developing country become a developed country?

The economy industrializes. Birth rates fall as citizens gain better access to birth control and health care and move away from agricultural jobs in which having huge numbers of children is beneficial. Death rates fall as health care becomes better. The average life expectancy becomes longer, and th ( Full Answer )

What countries are developing countries?

i am not sure but i think a developing country is a country that is changing from an LEDC to an MEDC. i think these countries is a developing country: Brazil

What countries are developing?

Since out of the 200 countries in the world only 40 are developedcountries, I'm afraid it would be easier to tell you those that aredeveloped. Going by only sovereign countries; In North America; America, United States of - Canada In Asia; China, Republic of - Cyprus - Hong Kong - Israel - Japan - ( Full Answer )

What Countries are NOT considered developed economically?

The Brant report drew a line which placed North America, Europe, Russia, Australia and New Zealand. These countries to this are considered the rich economically developed countries. However it can be argued that oil rich Arab countries and India, China, Brazil should be added to the rich half. http: ( Full Answer )

Why is a developing country not developed?

Technology lag between nations is the result of isolation, the lack of key advancements in societies, national stability, economic stability, size, and or cultural stability. One example is the middle east, who in the past were at the forefront of technological development, but have since fallen be ( Full Answer )

How can you develop my country?

I can not develop your country, the development of your country is up to you and your countrymen/women.

Is Singapore a developing country or a developed country?

Singapore is a developed country. Singapore is the fourth wealthiest country in the world in terms ofGDP (PPP) per capita, and the twentieth wealthiest in terms of GDP(nominal) per capita. Singapore is one of the most developed countries in the world.

Why is Singapore considered a developed country?

Ya, Singapore is a well-developed country or rather a successful country. Just look at singaporeans daily lives, we have clean water, sufficient food and lots of cities, shopping malls around us. compared to the odden days of Singapore, history of Singapore we are already counted as a developed coun ( Full Answer )

Is Tunisia considered a developed country or a developing country?

According to the United Nations, Tunisia is a "developing country" - although the term "developing" is quite arbitrary, since both developed AND under-developed countries are constantly developing. Anyway, in short, Tunisia is currently a developing (or emerging) country.

Is Estonia developed or developing country?

Estonia is listed as a "High-Income Economy" by the World Bank, as an "advanced economy" by the International Monetary Fund and is a High-income OECD member. The United Nations lists Estonia as a developed country with a Human Development Index of "Very High". The country is also ranked highly for ( Full Answer )

Why is Indonesia considered a developing country?

Indonesia's economy is not as developed as countries in North America / Western Europe which are now primarily serviced-based economies with GDP per capita in excess of 20,000. Although Indonesia has experienced growth and is rich in natural resources, much of these profits are taken by foreign mult ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by developed countries and developing countries?

Developing countries are countries which has not reached a certain stage of development and lack both human and material resources in improving the welfare of the people. Developed Countries are those countries that have enough resources in improving the welfare of its citizen and the state. These c ( Full Answer )

Why Malaysia is considered as developed country?

Some political scientists will agree that Malaysia is a developed nation. On the other hand, many economists and political scientists will say that Malaysia is rapidly developing and and may soon be considered a developed nation. There are features of this nation that have yet to be modernized.

How a country can develop?

By providing jobs for everyone that not only requires a universitydegree, but matches their abilities to do things, in addition tonot requiring x years of experience considering that not everyonehas the interest to go to work everyday.