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How many countries are in Nevada?

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0, Nevada is a state and states are smaller than countries. However, if you meant "counties" (no R), there are 16, and one independent city.

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How many countries is Nevada larger than?


What oceans or other countries does Nevada border?

Nevada does not border any oceans or other countries.

What are the number of countries Nevada has?

Nevada has 0.02 countries, or 1/50 of the United States of America.Nevada has 17 counties, including the "consolidated municipality" of Carson City, which is equivalent to a county for most purposes.

What countries and states border Nevada?

Nevada borders Oregon to the northwest, Idaho to the northeast, California to the west, Arizona to the southeast and Utahto the east; no other countries.

How many McDonald's are in Nevada?

There are 128 McDonald's in Nevada.

How many countys in Nevada?

There are 16 counties in Nevada.

How many volanoes are in Nevada?

6 major volcanoes in nevada

What countries had concentration camps?

germany, america, djbouti, aargentina, australia, NEVADA!,

How many square miles are in Nevada?

Nevada is 110,567 sq miles.

How many rivers are in Nevada?

39 rivers in Nevada ding doing

How many miles is it from Sparks Nevada to Stead Nevada?

12 miles

How many square kilometers is Nevada?

Nevada, USA is 286,367 km2

How Many big rivers in Nevada?

yes there is big rivers in Nevada

How many Capitals of Nevada?

Carson City is capital city of Nevada.

How many points do you get with a reckless driving charge in Nevada?

How many points go on your driver's license in Nevada

How many points do you have to have to lose your license in Nevada?

How many points does it take to lose your driver's license in Nevada

How many miles is it from Reno Nevada to las Vegas Nevada?

About 450 miles.

How many miles from Las Vegas Nevada to Reno Nevada?

About 450 miles.

How many square miles does Nevada have?

Nevada, USA - 110,567 sq miles.

How many people live in Nevada Ohio?

The population of Nevada, Ohio is 814. Nevada, Ohio had a population of 814 as of the 2000 census

How many states are smaller than Nevada?

Nevada is the 7th largest state, that means there are 43 states that are smaller than Nevada.

What countries are in the southwest?

countries in the southwest are arizona, mexico, utah, colorado, nevada, texas, southern california, and northern mexico. trust me its in my textbook.

How many people per square mile are there in Nevada?

18.2 by 2000 Nevada Census.

How many deserts does Nevada have?

The Great Basin Desert and the Mojave Desert are the deserts of Nevada.

How many hurricanes has there been in Nevada?

0,Nevada has never got a hurricane in history

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