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How many countries are picked to compete in the Olympics this year?


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There are 28 countries that patricipate in the Olympics All the countries who pay tax to the Olympics compete in the games..


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Yes, many countries from Africa compete in the Olympics.

All European countries with the exception of Vatican City compete in the Olympics.

There are many countries all large but probably China, Russia and America are the biggest Countries Competing in the Olympics

there will be 2,500 athletes from moe than 80 countries.

88 nations were qualified to compete. 6 more nations than the 2010 olympics.

I don't know but more than 204, because there are 204 countries in the Olympics. Not all the countries compete in the Olympics. From Helen Louise Claxton

The first modern Olympics were held in 1896. Fourteen countries sent representatives to compete in this male only Olympics in Athens.

11,028 athletes from 204 countries are participating at the 2008 Games.

In the original Greek Olympics only men from the city states that made up Greece were aloud to compete in the Olympics!

how many different nations are compete in Olympics 200m

Many countries had athletes that did not get past the qualification rounds to compete for the medals

10 soccer teams compete in the olympics

The number of countries that take part in the modern Olympics will vary from time to time. On average, there are usually about 205 countries with over 300 events to compete in.

Countries do not compete, individuals do.

There was no Olympics in 2013. 2012 London Olympics had 10,568 athletes compete. 2014 Sochi Olympics had about 2,800 athletes compete.

At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, 10,625 athletes competed from 201 countries.

over 10,000 athletes will compete

The BBC reported that 205 countries are competing in the 2012 olympics, bringing 10,500 athletes to compete in 300 events.

There are 202 countries in the world and in Athens 2004, all 202 countries entered teams for the first time ever.Men and wemen are allowed to compete in all the events that are performed during the olympics.

At this stage it would be not certain as to which countries will compete. That will only become clear when the 2012 Olympics come closer. A lot can happen in the next 4 years that could determine who will attend them.Answer #2204 countries are participating in 2012 summer Olympics.

1 person had completed the us olympics.

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