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How many countries did the Soviet Union split into?


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There isn't soviet union anymore it was Russia and many other countries together but then they divided the soviet union. Most part of the soviet union was Russia.

In 2009 the Soviet Union did not exist. It broke up in 1991, when there were 15 countries in it.

The soviet union fell because they were being stupid (not surprising) and using Every single last penny to try to out do us in the cold war but they failed and then split into many countries.

There are many post-soviet countries. The largest is Russia which in the sense of law represents continuation of Soviet Union.

No. The Soviet Union is now many independent countries, including Russia, which now has a President.

Well many different countries were created from the fall of the Soviet Union. The that you might be thinking of is Russia.

No, they are completely different in many ways. The Soviet Union no longer even exists. Some countries that were in it are now members of the European Union, but that is about the only connection.

No. The now defunct Soviet Union consisted of many countries that spread from the east of Europe to the east of Asia. Some of the countries in eastern Europe were part of what was known as the Soviet bloc, but not part of the Soviet Union. This would have included countries like Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, amongst others. Some of the eastern European countries, that now have their independence, like Lithuania, Lativa and Estonia, were part of the Soviet Union.

France, USA, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and MANY OTHERS

Russia primarily, and many smaller countries

Historically many of the countries of eastern Europe were communist and part of or under the influence of the Soviet Union.

Zero. Fifteen when the Soviet Union actually existed.

the Soviet Union consisted of 15 Soviet Socialist Republics

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan

Four; the United States, the Soviet Union, Russia and China.

The collapse of the USSR was due to the Soviet Union spent too much money on weapons at the expense of their people needing food, shelter, and clothing. The government was propping up Cuba, eastern Europe, and even some parts of Africa. The Soviet Union had many countries to govern and many of them resented Soviet interference.

Romania and Poland was not provinces of Soviet Union but some regions were occupied after the WW2. Romania and Poland were many years satellite countries.

First of all, after the communism fell in the Soviet Union there was no more Soviet Union, it fell with communism, and secondly, it went way worse for most of the citizens, now there are many Romanians travelling to socialist countries close to them like Spain.

There is no Soviet Union :) it was dissolved in 1991.

Mikhail gorbachev made many changes in soviet union?

The Allied Forces, Which Countries? America, United Kingdom, Soviet Union (Russia), France, Belguim and many other small countries

The Soviet Union was the largest and possibly the most powerful country/group of countries on the planet before it collapsed. It was the forerunner for Communism and influenced many other countries to change their financial systems as well.

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