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There are 202 countries in the world and in Athens 2004, all 202 countries entered teams for the first time ever.Men and wemen are allowed to compete in all the events that are performed during the Olympics.

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Q: How many countries have competed in the Olympics throughout history?
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What is the total number of countries that have competed in the Olympic Games?

205 countries competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. Originally, 206 registered, but Brunei dropped out. This was the highest number of countries in the history of the modern Olympics.

Who took part in the olypice games?

Throughout the history of the Olympic games, many countries throughout the world have competed. Each country sends their best athletes to participate in their respective sports.

What is Japan's history in the Olympics and how long have they competed?

They were to host the winter and summer games of 1940; they were cancelled. They were only one of 5 countries to host both winter and summer Olympics (alongside USA, France, Canada, and Italy). They alos brought Judo (the gentle way) to the Olympics. They contested in may Olympics and are good and many sports.

Are the same sports always in the Olympics?

Generally the sports in the Olympics do not change much but have through out history I'm sure. I doubt the Greco-Romans competed in taekwando or the balance beam.

Has jamaican flag changed throughout the countries history?

yes it has

How many host teams competed in the history of cricket world cup final?

There were 14 countries in the world cup.

Why do we need to learn about the Olympics?

We need to learn about the Olympics so we have a better inderstanding about our countries history in sport and sportsmanship.

When did track and field become part of the Olympics?

Track and field has been a part of the Modern Olympics since the first Modern Games in 1896. The first event known to be competed at the Ancient Olympics was the stade run, a foot race of approximately 190 meters. So it could be said that track, or an ancient variation of track, has been competed at the Olympics since the first Ancient Olympics. History states that the pentathlon was included at the Games in 708 BC. This pentathlon consisted of discus, jumping, javelin, running, and wrestling. Discus and javelin are the first known 'field' events competed at the Olympics.

Is Finland going to be in next years Olympics?

Yes, Finland has competed at every Summer Olympics since 1908 and will send athletes to compete in 2012. Finland has a rich history in the Summer Olympics and has won their most medals in athletics and wrestling.

How many countries have won all three medals in Olympics history?


What is the history of the Virgin Islands' participation in the Olympics?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, the U.S. Virgin Islands has competed at every Summer Olympics, except for the 1980 Games, since 1968 and has competed in five Winter Olympics. Athletes have won one medal, a silver at the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul by Peter Holmberg in one person dinghy sailing.

How many medals have Hungarian fencers won in the Olympics?

Throughout the history of the modern Olympics, Hungary has won a total of 83 medals in fencing events.

What history does Fiji have in the Olympic games?

Fiji first participated in the Olympics at the 1956 Summer Games in Melbourne. Since then, Fiji has competed in all Summer Games except 1964 and 1980. Fiji has also competed in three Winter Olympics (1988, 1994, 2002). Fiji has never won an Olympic medal.

Throughout New Zealand's history who have come here from many countries?


How did the history of the Olympics evolve?

The Olympics has taken place for one hundred years and new countries have joined and new sports have been accepted.

Which countries lost the smallest number of troops from battlefield deaths?

Throughout history, Luxembourg.

What 6 countries controlled Texas throughout its history?

The main ones are France, Mexico, and Spain

Is the US the only country that had a civil war?

Lots of countries throughout history have had civil wars

Three countries have controlled or occupied Vietnam throughout its history?

France, Japan and Britain (England).

Welsh capital cities throughout history?

Throughout history cities do what

What are four countries have owned Florida for four years throughout history?

Spain, France, Great Britain, USA

Throughout New Zealand's history what have come here from many countries starting with the letter I?

imports- food and goods, or immigrants.

What history does the Olympics have?

the olympics are for losers i think monkeys should take over the olympics

What is the most Olympic different disciplined events entered by one person?

"American Sheila Taormina is poised to become the first athlete in history to compete at the Olympic Games in three different events." source: Taormina competed in the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta as a member of the 4x200 meter freestyle relay team that won gold. At the 2000 Games and 2004 Games, she competed in women's triathlon. And at the 2008 Games, she qualified for modern pentathlon. She is the first athlete in the history of the Olympics to compete in three different disciplines.

What wars did Korea face before split?

Korea, like any other countries, faced countless wars throughout history. Korea has a history of 5000 years and no country's history is without wars.