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6 from end of July 2009





France India

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Q: How many countries have nuclear submarines?
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How many nuclear submarines does the 6 countries have?


How many countries have nuclear submarine?

From Wikipedia: Today, six countries deploy some form of nuclear-powered strategic submarines: the United States, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, People's Republic of China, and India Several other countries, including Argentina and Brazil, have ongoing projects in different phases to build nuclear-powered submarines.

How many nuclear submarines china have?

The PLA navy has more than 225,000 personnel and is thought to have as many as 70 submarines, 10 of them nuclear-powered

Which country has the most nuclear submarines?

USA has the most nuclear submarines

How many people can a nuclear submarines hold?


Were most of the submarines in the Falklands War nuclear powered?

Argentina had diesel-electric submarines while the British had nuclear-powered submarines.

How many nuclear submarines are working in the world?

nearly 155

Which countries have nuclear submarines?

The US, Russia, Great Britain, France, China and (recently) India have nuclear submarines.

Did any nuclear submarines sink?

A number of nuclear submarines sank, and the circumstances vary from accident to accident. Wikipedia has a list, and by going there and entering "List of sunken nuclear submarines" you can review that list.

What are the basic idea of nuclear submarines?

Nuclear submarines are powered by a nuclear reactor and they are completely independent of air, so there is no need to surface frequently.

Examples of nuclear energy in the military?

Reactors power submarines and many surface ships. Nuclear weapons.

How many engines submarine have?

Most submarines now have a single nuclear reactor. Some smaller, coastal submarines have a single diesel.

Do nuclear submarines generate nuclear power on the submarine?

Yes, nuclear submarines generate nuclear power. There is a nuclear reactor on board (hence the tern nuclear submarine) which creates steam to drive the main engines to turn the screw(s).

Could you please name the countries that have submarines in Africa and how many each of these countries has?


What does Connecticut produce?

nuclear submarines

How many countries in Africa have submarines in their military arsenal?


What is todays submarines powered by?

Nuclear Energy

Is plutonium in navy nuclear applications?

Plutonium can be used in nuclear reactors for nuclear propulsion of ships and submarines.

Do submarines need gas?

No - all submarines, be it nuclear or diesel-electric, use diesel fuel, either for primary engines (DE) or backup generator (nuclear).

Are the UK's nuclear missiles based in submarines?

Since its free-fall nuclear weapons arsenal was decomissioned in 1998, the United Kingdom's only means of nuclear weapons delivery is via submarines and SLBMs.

What energy is used today to power submarines?

Nuclear energy is used to power most modern submarines

How were submarines made in world war 2?

About 2,100 by many different countries.

What is an advantage to having nuclear submarines?

The main advantage to having nuclear powered submarines is that a nuclear powered submarine can, if designed wisely, stay submerged for months on end. The only limitation really is food and the crew's psychological state. This is extremely useful in nuclear deterrance considering that a nation can send out nuclear powered, nuclear weapon equipped submarines on patrol for use in case of a nuclear exchange. If an attacking nation destroys the missiles silos of it's target and it's nuclear armed bomber wings, the defending nation would still have the use of it's nuclear weapons onboard it's ballistic missile submarines.

Was the submarine a success or a failure?

Many early submarines were failures. However, as many countries in the world now own and even build submarines, we could reasonably call them a success.

Is nuclear energy moveable?

Nuclear power plants are very large fixed installations on land. There are many reactors however in the US navy ships and submarines