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About 5 countries were the winners of WW2.

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Q: How many countries were winner of World War 2?
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How many country were winner in World War 2?

how many country was win second world war? how many country was win second world war?

What countries in Asia was not involed in World War 2?

How many countries took part in the world war two?

After which world war did many African countries achieve independence?

Many African countries achieved independence after the second world war of 1939-1945

How many countries were there at the start of World War 2?

ten countries

How many countries in World War I?


Why was World War 1 remembered by many countries?

because it affected many countries because it affected many countries

What was World War One?

World War one was the first great war. It was the biggest war the world had seen and involved many countries.

Why was the world war given the name world war?

Because in both world wars, the world was literally at war, meaning that many major countries of the world are at war.

How many country were winner in world war second?

Bob pooped on a rock, then died!

How many countries were disappeared after world war 1?

192 countries disapeared

How many countries did Japan invade in world war 2?

16 countries

How many countries of World War 1?

There are 11 countries that fought in the ww1..

How many countries helped England in world war 2?

22 countries

How many countries were in the world before world war 1?


How many countries were involved in the world war?

There were 2 world wars.

How many countries in World War 2?


How many countries contributed in World War I?


How many countries were created after World War I?


How many countries ruled Berlin after word war 2?

No countries ruled Berlin after world war 2

What opportunity did many colonial countries have after world war ii?

After World War II, many colonial countries had the opportunity to decide their own government.

Why is a world war different than a normal war?

A World War involves more countries and takes place all over the world. A normal war involves a few places and doesn't involve many countries

Is the civil war world war 2?

No, there have been many civil wars in various countries around the world, but World War 2 was not a civil war.

Why is World War 1 considered the first world war?

Because it was the first war to involve many different countries in one war.

Which countries suffered from World War 1?

World War I caused many casualties and affected many different countries. Some of these were the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

How many countries were neutral in World War 2?

2 countries, Switzerland, Netherlands