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4 at the most without it being unstable

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How many single covalent bonds can a carbon atom form?

A carbon atom can form 4 single covalent bonds

How many number of covalent bonds can one atom of sulfur can form?

One atom of sulfur can form two covalent bonds.

The carbon atom is capable of forming how many covalent bonds?

The carbon atom can form up to four covalent bonds.

How many covalent bonds each carbon atom make?

Carbon can form four covalent bonds.

How many covalent bonds would you expect an atom of iodine to form?

An iodine atom has zero covalent bonds. An Iodine molecule has 1 covalent bond.

How many bonds is the carbon atom able to form?

It is able to form 4 covalent bonds.

How many different kinds of covalent bonds can a nitrogen atom form?

Nitrogen can form single, double, and triple covalent bonds.

How many single covalent bonds can a single carbon atom form?

carbon can make up to 4 covalent single bonds.

How many types of bond can carbon atom form?

Carbon form generally covalent bonds; ionic bonds are rare.

How many covalent bonds does each atom of carbon form with methane?

there are four covalent bonds between carbon and hydrogen in methane (CH4).

How many covalent bonds will a hydrogen atom normally make?

A hydrogen atom will typically form two covalent bonds because hydrogen has two electrons to share in a bond.

How many covalent bonds will a nitrogen atom have?

Nitrogen will have 5 covalent bonds.

How many covalent bonds with other atoms can a single carbon atom form?

the carbon atoms can form eight bonds in a single carbon atom with other atoms

What rule of thumb is used to determine the number of covalent bonds an atom can form?

Covalent bonds are formed when the electrons in atoms' outer shells are shared. An atom can generally only form as many covalent bonds as is has electrons in its outermost shell. Hydrogen only has one electron in its outermost shell, thus hydrogen can only form one covalent bond.

How many covalent bonds is an oxygen atom able to form?

2 covalent bonds. The oxygen atom needs to gain two valence electrons, so it shares with two other atoms to reach this.

How do you know how many covalent bonds a particular atom will form?

Each pair of electrons that is shared is the equivalent of one covalent bond

How many bonds does each atom have in graphite?

Each atom has three covalent bonds in graphite.

How many covalent bonds does oxygen form?

oxygen can form 2 covalent bonds -Alzar

How many covalent bonds are in SiO2?

It has 4 covalent bonds which constitute 2 double bonds with each oxygen atom.

If carbon has an atomic number of 6 how many covalent bonds can an atom of carbon make?

There are four unpaired electrons in outermost shell of excited carbon atom so it may form four covalent bonds.

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