How many cows are living on planet Earth?

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It is our opinion there are nearly 2 Billion cows on the planet.
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Why is a earth a living planet?

Answer . Earth is a living planet. Activity is constantly taking place not only on the surface, but also on the inside beneath our feet. We do not know exactly how our planet works. Compared to the age of the universe, the amount of time we have studied the Earth is very short. We do have theori ( Full Answer )

How is earth a living planet?

As earth supports life,we consider it as living planet,But there are many components on earth which supports life i.e water,atmosphere,temperarure......Its distance from sun provide it proper temperature that suits life....that temperature is such that liquid like water can exist & living beings can ( Full Answer )

Why is earth the only planet you can live on?

This is because only earth has the efficient atmosphere we need to live. Like oxygen most planets either have none or very little of this substance.

Is the Earth the only living planet?

\n. \nIt is certantly the only life form we are aware of. The various claims of extra terrestrial visits to earth appear, in all cases, to be unbelievable.

How can people live on the planet earth?

We can only live on earth because we have many things that other planets don't. For example were not so close to the sun like Mercury that it is so hot but were not far away from the sun like Neptune so it's not freezing. Also because there are other reasons. Like because we have air, gravity, astro ( Full Answer )

How many cows exist on the planet?

The exact number of cows that exist on the planet is not known.However, there are millions of cows all over the world.

How earth is a living planet?

Earth is at a right distance from the size of our sun which where water could exist and our atmoshpehere with many gases and not just CO2. Mars could sustain life but need to reduce the level of co2 in its atmosphere to sustain fresh,liquid water

How many countries are there in planet earth?

that is a question that's somewhat difficult to answer, as there is no one right answer. Many sources offer different answers, and depending on the source, there are 189, 191, 192, 193, 194, 195 or 196 independent countries in the world today.

Why do you live on earth and not other planets?

people live on earth because it is the only planet that can supply us with the most important element of all which is to humans oxygen gas (O 2 ). also with this oxygen comes the Ozone layer(O 3 ). this layer prevents radiation from entering our bodys and helps keep the world cooler.

Are there UFOs living on planet earth?

Let's start with what a UFO is. UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. Airports use this term to refer to any object on their radar that isn't supposed to be there. A UFO could be an airplane, a weird weather condition, etc. So, in the late 1940s and into the 1950s, the term, "UFO" started to be ( Full Answer )

How many inches on the planet earth?

There are 12 trillion, 478 billion, 118 million, and 400 thousand inches on the Planet Earth. Comment: Does anyone know what the question means?

How many cows are there on the earth?

According to the International Erosion Control Association, who tracks overgrazing, the world's cattle herd went from 720 million in 1950 to 1.53 billion in 2001. As a comparative, the world population increased from 2.5 billion in 1950 to 6.1 billion in 2001. If you add in sheep and goats, the herd ( Full Answer )

How many angels are living on the planet earth?

angels are on earth they are in back of every person i saw one it was gods angel i got so scared* every person has a guardian angel, so just think of everybody and you have your answer.

How many years does planet earth have?

Until it can no longer support life? Between 1 and 1.5 billion years. Until it is enveloped by the sun, or destroyed by it? About 4 to 5 billion years.

Can you live on a super-earth planet?

NO ,because it is to far from Earth .Is like you want to go to super Eart you have to travel 200 year on a rocket.NOT that you have to past the sun too!!

Why earth is the only living planet?

because in our solar system, the only planet with water AND land WITH an atmosphere is earth. the other eight are made up of gases or its too close or too far from the sun.

How many countries on the planet earth?

There are around 200 countries in the world; no one knows the exactcount. There are at least 193 countries, but there may be as manyas 196.

Why is the Earth the only planet that has live?

i dont think it is. Answer: . The question cannot be answered as we do not have information on all existing planets. TA present we only know that there is life on Earth, it however exisits in such a diversity of environments that similar conditions which could support life would in all probability ( Full Answer )

What planet can you live except earth?

Right now none are known for sure but some planets discovered may have the right temp and possibility of liquid water but the gravity would probably kill you. Not to mention the distance. You would likely die of old age before ever reaching the planet.

How many ears are there in this planet earth?

more than 20000,0000 and counting --- There are around 6.7 billion humans on earth, so 13.4 billion human ears alone. But if you count all of the animal ears, there would be trillions.

Why is earth considered a living planet?

There are two ways of defining Earth as a living planet. First and most apparent is that Earth has life on it. Second, unlike some other planets, Earth is geologically active.

How many planets is Jupiter from Earth?

Jupiter is 1 planet away from earth The question lacks sufficent detail: "from" in what sense? Distance from the Sun? Age? Size? Density? Other? Please improve or remove the question. (The proofed answer above does not seem to fit in any category.)

Why is earth a suitable planet to live on?

Because its got oxygen, life, water, food. Also its not to hot weather and not cold weather. The teampatures are berible for humans. Its not like Venus or Mercury where its really hot and its not too cold like Uranus and Neptune. It's also dosent have a mushy surface that you cant stand on like Satu ( Full Answer )

What planet can you live on that is not earth?

Scientists are still trying to figure out how to live on other planets. __________________ You should ask an alien, we humans are not so good on questions about extraterrestrial real estate.

Where do cats live on planet earth?

The ecological range of cats is as broad as that of humans except the most extreme arctic regions (but the lynx does live in the taiga). If there are people there are/could be cats of some sort.

Is the earth they only planet you can live on?

So far as scientists know, Earth is the only habitable planet in at least our solar system. The universe is far too expansive for them to know in regards to the entire thing.

Why do you live in Earth not on other planets?

Because there is little drinkable/usable water or oxygen on other planets Thanks, Gaurang ____ I could also point out that I was born on Earth, and even if I wanted to live on another planet, I don't really have any way to get there. No interplanetary trips were available.

How many biomes are on planet Earth?


Why is a earth called the living planet?

living organism are existing on the earth due to a fravourable environment, and at the same time the praticular animals and plant have particular characteristic features which permit them to adapt certain parts of biosphere. this is called the adapation of the livings being to a particular environm ( Full Answer )

How many rotATE does planet earth?

1 rotation every 24 hours/day, as there are 24 hours in a day. Comment: You're better than me if you know what that question means.

How many pandas live on planet earth?

There are about 890 Pandas left in China. But there are also Pandas in zoos. There are about 130 to 150 Pandas in the zoos of China, but only two in the United States.

How many planets are there besides earth?

neptune, pluto, mars, jupiter, uranus, saturn, earth, venus and mercury Although Pluto was down graded to a Dwarf Planet, though it is still a planet. There are also Makemake, Eris, Ceres, Haumea. There are also several more that are up for the title and a name, although they have to be approved ( Full Answer )

Why are so many living things found on the earth and not on the other planets in the solar system?

Because the Earth is in a prime location where the temperature and climate is not too cold and not too hot. The climate is perfect. Also because we have a Ozone layer we can keep in gases that ae vital for life. This layer acts like a blanket also shileding us from dangerous sun rays and protectin ( Full Answer )

How many cows live on the moon?

Two. The first one, Betsy, was launched to the moon by the MexicanAstrological Space Association (MASA) in the year 2005. After threeyears Mexican scientist, Carl Gonzalez Shwartz, head of the mooncattle program at MASA noticed that Betsy had become very depresseddo to her solitary isolation on the ( Full Answer )

Why is earth the planet to live on?

Earth has oxygen, water, plants and other animals that have a symbiotic relationship in which many interconnected webs help perpetuate the continual renewal of earth's resources. More specifically, the animals on earth have adapted to Earth's conditions and are probably not suited to another planet' ( Full Answer )

How many people currently live on planet earth?

Currently, as of July 3, 2013, there are over 7 billion people on earth. Currently, India holds one seventh of the population. China also has one seventh of the population .

How do you live on planet earth?

we live on planet earth is because of water if we don't have waterwe were gonna really thirsty and we are gonna die and if we don'twater we are not gonna get trees and if we don't trees we are notgonna have air and if we don't have air we would die