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How many credits must an individual accumulate to receive a Bachelor's Degree in computer science at the University of Toronto?

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2007-06-27 00:25:09

Within the United States, most colleges and universities operate

on a two regular semester academic year. This does not include

interim and/or summer semesters. In general, the Bachelor's degree

runs anywhere from 124 to 128 credits of course work. This would

equate to four years of study provided the student follows through

with the prescribed program layout provided by the school. Colleges

and universities outside the United States may have a variety of

methods that vary in time and credit requirements. That being said,

I would recommend that you contact the University of Toronto for

accurate feedback particular to a computer science degree. In

addition go to their official web site where you can look at their

programs of study and requirements. Viper1

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