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62" x 28" x 27" = 27.125 cubic feet

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Q: How many cubic feet are in a refrigerator that measures 62 inches by 28 inches by 27 inches?
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How many cubic feet is your refrigerator that Measures 66 inches tall and 25 inches deep and 28 inches wide?

26.65 cu .ft.

How many cubic feet equals 30 inches?

Cubic feet measures volume and inches measures length, there is no conversion between them.

How do you put cubic feet into inches or feet?

You can not convert from cubic feet to normal feet or inches because cubic inches is a measure of volume and normal inches and feet are measures of distance. So you can not convert between them. However, you can convert cubic feet to cubic inches or to cubic feet. That has a special method.

How many cubic feet is a refrigerator that is 64 inches high 27 inches deep and 30 inches wide?

A refrigerator that is 64 inches high, 27 inches deep and 30 inches wide has a volume of 30 cubic feet.

How to Convert 18.2 cubic feet to inches?

How do you convert 18.2 cubic ft into inches for ht and width of refrigerator

Cubic inches to square inches?

Cubic inches measures volume. Square inches measures area. Therefore, you can not compare the two. It is like comparing feet and cups.

How many cubic feet is a refrigerator that s 65 inches high 32 inches wide and 24 inches deep?

28.9 cubic feet. But that is not the cubic feet of refrigerated area if that is what you are trying to find out.

How do you convert cubic feet in to inches?

Those are incompatible measures

How many cubic feet for refrigerator 29 x 30 x 65?

Assuming your dimensions given are in inches, then the volume of your refrigerator is about 32 cubic feet.

How many cubic feet is your refrigerator if it is 57 inches high 24 inches wide 24 inches deep?

4.75*2*2 = 19 cubic feet

How many cubic feet is a refrigerator that measures 67 inches high and 35 inches wide?

You need three [orthogonal] measures to determine volume. Youhave provided height and width but not the depth. So the question cannot be answered.

What is the cubic feet of a refrigerator 28 inches wide 60 inches high and 27 inches deep?


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