How many cubic inches is a 302 bored out 60 over?

The displacement of a 302ci Ford V8 bored 60-over is 310.71ci




To calculate cylinder volume you should know the bore and stroke sized of an engine. Say a 350ci Chevy V8 bored 60-over:

Normal bore of a 350 is 4" in diameter, so 60-over would measure 4.060" diameter bore. Stroke of a 350 is 3.48".

Equation for measuring internal displacement of an engine is: Bore Radius^2 * 3.14 (Pi) * Stroke * # of cylinders = Internal Displacement

So using that formula, we would divide of the bore diameter in half to get the radius. Radius is 2.03". Then calculate 2.03 to the 2nd power (2.03*2.03) is 4.1209". Now multiply 4.1209" by Pi which is 3.14. That equals 12.939626". This represents the 2-dimensional surface area of the bore. Now multiply that by the length of the cylinder stroke, which on this engine is 3.48". That equals 45.02989848 cubic inches (cylinder volume). You can round off the numbers to make it more simple, that's fine. Now 45.02989848 is the volume of a single cylinder of that engine. We know the 350ci has 8 cylinders, so we would now multiply by 8 to get the final calculation. The answer is 360.24 cubic inches.

I hope this explanation helps a little.