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How many cubic inches was the Pontiac astra engine?


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The original engine was 2.3 liters or 140 cubic inches. It also occasionally came with the 2.5 liter "iron duke" engine at 151 cubic inches. Most of the specifications are the same as the Chevy Vega of that era.


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A 6.0L engine is 366.1 cubic inches.

364 cubic inches in a 6.0L engine.

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A 6.0 Cubic liter engine is APX. 366 cubic inches. A 5.3 liter engine is 323 (advertised as a 327) cubic inches. A 8.1 liter is 494 cubic inches.

engine size = total cubic inches of all cylinders combined 351 cubic inches is same as 5.75 liter engine

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364 cubic inches. From the factory.

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Cubic inches of displacement in reference to a car is the volume of the cylinders in the engine in cubic inches. In most American muscle cars, part of the name refers to the displacement of the engine in cubic inches, for example the Chevrolet Chevelle SS454 has a 454 ci engine and the Oldsmobile 440 had a 440 ci engine.

6.0L has-- 364 cubic inches. 5.3L has---325 cubic inches. 4.8L has---293 cubic inches.

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