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How many cucumbers equal fifteen pounds?

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What kind of cukes?

A half-bushel of cucumbers weighs approximately 10 pounds. So, 15 pounds of cucumbers would be approximately 3/4 of a bushel.

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How many whole cucumbers are in 4 pounds?

how many whole cucumbers makes 4 pounds.

How many pounds is equal to fifteen kilograms?

1 Kilogram = 2.2 Pounds as such 15 Kilograms = 33 Pounds.

How many sliced cucumbers in 4 pounds?

That would be about 4 cucumbers

How many cups of sliced cucumbers equal 2.5 pounds?

1 cup is 8 oz. - So 2.5 lbs is 5 cups of fine sliced cucumbers..

How many pounds of cucumbers are in one quart?

about 2 pounds

How many pounds are in a quart of cucumbers?

Approximately 2 pounds of cucumbers to the quart.

How many pounds in a peck of pickling cucumbers?


How many pounds in a peck of cucumbers?


Fifteen pounds equal how many ounces?

16 ounces per pound so 15 pounds x 16 ounces = 240 ounces.

How many pounds make a bushel of cumcumber?

Aprox. 48 pounds makes a bushel of cucumbers.

How many pounds is a bushel of pickling cucumbers?

48 pounds roughly or 16-24 quarts

How many kilograms equals fifteen pounds?

15 pounds = 6.8 kilograms.

1.15 pounds equals how many pounds?

1.15 lbs equals one and fifteen hundredthspounds.

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How many pounds of cucumbers to a pint?

Can't be done. - cucumber is solid, pint is liquid

How many pounds would be in fifteen tons?

30,000. A ton is 2000 pounds. 2000x15=30,000

How many teaspoons equal fifteen grams?

3 teaspoons equal 15 gm.

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