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How many cups are in a gram?


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Your question is like asking how many dump trucks are in a barrel of apples. If you don't appreciate that analogy, maybe this one is better: "How many pounds are in a mile?" Obviously, that question makes no sense whatsoever. A cup is a unit of volume, whereas a gram is a unit of mass or weight. If you wish to know how much a certain volume of a substance is, you must know two things: the substance and its density. A question that makes sense would be, "What is the weight, in grams, of one cup of olive oil?" That's a question that could be answered.


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That is about 1.323 cups

That is approximately 1.488 cups

350 grams is about two cups

That is approximately 2.85 cups

That is approximately 1.2 cups

That is approximately 1.44 cups.

That is approximately 4 cups

That is approximately 2.6 cups

That is approximately 1.15 cups

That is approximately 1.2 cups

Thay is approximately 3 cups

140 gram of flour is 1 cup.

300 grams of water is 1.325 cups

That is approximately 2 cups

375 gm of water is 1.653 cups

A cup of ricotta is about 240 gram. 500 gram is just over 2 cups.

That is about 1 and 1/2 cups.

Approximately 470 grams in 2 cups of water.

That is approximately 0.488 cups if plain white flour.

800 grams of water is approximately 3.4 cups of water

That is approximately 2.756 cups

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