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The amount of cups in one large green pepper will vary from pepper to pepper. Not every green pepper is the same size. One cup is equal to 8 ounces of green pepper.

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How many cups of chopped green pepper in a medium green pepper?

you can get almost one cup of green peppers from a medium chopped green pepper.

How many cups in one medium green pepper?

That is approximately 0.486 cups.

How many cups does one bell pepper equate to?

It depends on the size of the pepper and thickness. The average medium one equals about a cups worth of pepper.

How many calories in a large green pepper?

Calories in a large green pepperThere are:Approx 33calories in 1 large size green pepper.For the calorie content of other fruits and vegetables, and fruit and vegetable calorie charts, which you may print out if you wish to and use as daily guides, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

How many cups in a pepper?

? ? ? Are you asking how much diced/chopped pepper you will get in one bell pepper ? If so, it depends on the size of the pepper. The average good sized bell pepper, will give you about a cup to a cup and a half of chopped pepper.

How many cups in a bunch of green onions?

That depends on how big a bunch you buy, and how small or large you chop the onions.

How many cups is a bunch of green onions chopped?

6 cups are in a bunch ofgreen onions chopped

One chopped medium bell pepper equals how many cups?

One medium bell pepper = 1 cup chopped

Why does a yellow pepper taste sweeter than a green pepper?

There are many different types of peppers or chiles, but I assume this question is asking about bell peppers. A green bell pepper (which we often just refer to as a green pepper) is actually a fruit that is unripe. These peppers change colors as they ripen, going from yellow to orange and to red. They are sold in all these stages of ripening, causing us to refer to them as green, yellow, and red peppers as if they are different peppers.As the bell pepper ripens, like many other fruits, its sugars start to develop. This is when some of the starches in the pepper are converted to simple sugars. Now, a bell pepper does not have as many sugars as, for instance, an apple, but it does have some. The riper the pepper, the sweeter it becomes. So, a yellow pepper is a bit sweeter than a green pepper, and a red pepper is sweeter than a yellow pepper.

Green pepper plant?

Most peppers are green. As they ripen many will turn red. Bell Boy is a very popular green pepper. It also turns red when fully ripe.

How many cups of green beans are in a pound?

1 cup is 8 oz. 2 cups green beans in a pound.

How many calories in half green bell pepper?

For a medium size pepper, half of it would have 12 calories.

How many carbohydrates in stuffed green pepper?

That depends on the size or weight of the green pepper as well as what the pepper is stuffed with. For the carbs in peppers by size or weight, please see the Related Question further down this page. .

How many cups in 250 grams of lentils?

That is approximately 1.42 cups of green lentils

How many green peppers are in a bushel?

Your answer depends on the variety of green pepper, and the average size of the variety in the bushel.

How many cups of green beans are in a pound of green beans?

One pound of fresh green beans trimmed yields approximately 3 cups raw. One pound of fresh green beans trimmed and cooked yields about 2 cups.

How many cups equal 2qt?

8 cups US, 10 small cups imperial, 8 large cups imperial.

How many cups are equal to six eggs?

6 large eggs is 1.5 cups

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