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Only 2 in his professional career, 2006 US Open and 2009 The Open.

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How many majors has Tiger Woods won?

Tiger Woods has won 14 major titles in the world of golf

How many majors have Tiger Woods won in 09?

Tiger Woods didn't win a major championship in 2009.

How many major golf titles has woods won?

Tiger Woods has won 14 major titles.

How many major tour Tiger Woods currently holds?

As of 1st August 2009 Tiger Woods has 14 major championship titles. But he is not the current holder of any title.

How many majors has Tiger Woods failed to make the cut?

As a professional Tiger has missed 2 cuts; 2006 US Open and 2009 The Open.

How many major wins does Tiger Woods have?

Tiger Woods has 14 major championship wins, he is currently 4 behind all time leader Jack Nicklaus who won 18.

How many cuts has Tiger Woods missed in his career?

He has only missed 6 cuts as a professional, 2 of which have come in major championships (2006 US Open and 2009 The Open). Which is a very impressive record for around 13 years on tour. (He missed the cut in the 1996 Masters but that was as an amateur)

How many major championships has Tiger Woods won?

As of 23rd August 2009 he has won 14 major championships.

What is Tiger Woods greatest achievement?

He has so many. The yard stick against which professional golfers are measured, is how many major championships they have won. Tiger Woods has won 14, but he is still going strong.

How many missed cuts by tiger woods afterasters in 2010?

He missed the cut at The Quail Hollow Championship and the WD from The Players the week after. (He played six holes and WD with a neck injury)

How many awards has Tiger Woods won in all?

how many awards has tiger woods won in all.

How many tournaments won Tiger Woods?

No Tournament has ever won Tiger Woods.

How many people are in Tiger Woods family?

Tiger Woods, Elin Woods, Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel.

How many major tournaments has Tiger Woods played in?

From 1995 he has played in 53 Major Championships. (as of 31/07/09)

How many tigers are there in tiger wood?

There can't be any tigers in Tiger Woods because Tiger Woods is a famous golfer.

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