How many days a week should you work out?

about 3-4 times a wekk depending on how hard you work out.

It depends on what kind of workout you are doing. If you target different muscle groups you can go up to 6 days. I recommend about 3 to 5 depending on your schedule and workout type. If you do full body workouts then you should leave at least a day of rest after you workout. Make sure you include cardio in your workout as well.

Working out for 3 days a week is usually seen as perfect. Mon, Wed and Fri workout and weekend rest period is good for full body workouts. The reason for this is that when you lift weight you create micro-tears in the muscle and also create new pathways for the blood to flow through. When this happens the muscle breaks down and needs time to repair; now keep what i just said in mind, imagine you fall and take skin off your knee, if you fall on it the next day it will never recover, yeah? Your muscle needs at least 24 hours to recover between workouts and after a few sessions 48 hours is required for strength gain.

Of course nutrition is a big part of this, you need protein to rebuild muscle tissue, whey protein shakes are ideal for post workout drinks but of course, not everyone can afford 30 quid a month. chicken, fish and red meats are great sources of protein. Eggs too are good but watch the fat content.

Four or five days a week