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You can usually only conceive up to and the day of ovulation not after. Take a look at this article to find out more hints and tips on trying to conceive.

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Q: How many days after ovulation can you conceive?
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How likely is it to conceive 2 days prior to ovulation?

There is a higher chance to get pregnant two days before ovulation. The window of opportunity to conceive starts from two days prior to ovulation, during ovulation, and a day after.

Can you conceive 4 days after your ovulation date?

Yes - there is a high chance that you will become pregnant then

Can you get pregnant the next morning after ovulation?

Yes, there is a high chance to get pregnant a day after ovulation. The window of opportunity to conceive begins two days prior to ovulation, ovulation day, and a day after.

If you try to conceive about twenty days after your period will it work?

It depends on the length of your cycle and the timing of ovulation.

Do you get ovulation cramps after you conceive?


Is your ovulation period the ONLY days you can conceive?

You can get pregnant anytime you hae unprotected sex. There is no "safe" time to be unprotected. Ovulation is simply when your body is in prime condition for conceiving.

When should I try and conceive?

You would try to conceive in the five days around your ovulation. Keep in mind that you do have to space the "trying" so that sperm can mature. Buy a basal thermometer or one of those ovulation tests to figure out the best time.

How many Days conceive pregnancy?

four days

When are women more likely to conceive?

Women are most likely to conceive at the time of ovulation. Ovulation can happen a week after your period until your next period.

Is ovulation the only way to get pregnant?

Ovulation can not make you pregnant. Ovulation does cause a woman to be fertile at this point and she could conceive.

When do dogs conceive during being on heat?

During oestrus (which lasts 4-8 days) when the discharge stops and ovulation begins.

How many days are sperm viable in the reproduction system?

Sperm remain viable in the reproduction system from 24 to 48 hours. If you want to conceive successfully, you have to time ovulation accordingly.

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