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It could depend on the type of contract and in which state. In California, if you sign a home improvement contract, (room addition, kitchen remodel, etc.) you have 3 BUSINESS DAYS to cancel IF you signed the contract in your home. If you signed it in the contractors office you cannot cancel by law. It also depends on who you are dealing with. If all you lose is your deposit, consider it a lesson learned. Otherwise, see an attorney.

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Q: How many days by law do you have to cancel a contract?
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How many days by law do I have to cancel a contract in the state of Kansas?

In most places, it is three days.

In the state of Florida how many days do you have to cancel a contract?

3 day lemon law

How many days by law do you have to cancel a timeshare contract?

Well it does depend on the contract you are signing to be safe always ask your Recission rights signing any contract but as for Timeshares in California you have seven days from the moment you sign!

How many days do you have to cancel a lawn service contract in the state of FL?

I would think the 3 day Fed law would apply

Can you cancel the contract after closing on a house?

If contracts are signed and exchanged then the contract law of your country/state applies and you will not be able to cancel.

Is there a law in MA for a time frame to cancel a signed contract?

Massachusetts does not have a cooling off period in which you can cancel a signed contract.

Does NH have buyers remorse law?

New Hampshire does have a buyer's remorse law. However, many people misinterpret these laws to think that they can cancel a contract simply because they change their mind. This is not the case. These laws do allow you to cancel a health club, or time share agreement within a certain number of days, it does not allow you to cancel a contract to buy a car or a home.

How many days by law do you have to cancel a contract in Maryland?

You have 3 days to cancel but only if it was a door to door sale, a health club, credit service center, self defence school, or weight loss center. Cancellation within 10 days is allowed for a timeshare or vacation club.

What is Illinois' law for returning a newly leased or purchased vehicle?

As with any contract, you have three (3) business days to cancel the agreement.

Does Pennsylvania have a buyers remorse law a consumer has 3 business days to cancel a health club contract?

Yes, but a health club contract is defined as having a term greater than 3 months. A 3 month contract or less does not give you the right to cancel.

Can you return your car to the dealership after you signed a contract?

Yes, the dealer can cancel the contract but it is within 10 days of the date on the purchase contract.

Does Virginia have buyer's remorse laws?

Under the Virginia buyers remorse laws, consumers have 3 days to cancel a health club contract. This law does not apply to any other type of contract.

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